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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Meethi finally gets married even though Mukta warns

It is only Uttaran kind of serial which can show such stuff. In other serials and in Hindi movies, when such a situation is happening where the heroine is about to get married to the bad guy, somebody or the other gets involved and ensures that the truth is out and the marriage is stopped (even when there is no hero actually involved). However, in this case, the serial shows that Mukta has learned the truth about Vishnu, who he actually is, since she has been suspecting this for a long time (in fact, another college girl who was suspecting the truth was found dead and Mukta actually went through her room in order to find out more details about what she knew about Vishnu).
However, Akash, who was playing Vishnu, found that Mukta had got to know everything about him, and got her kidnapped. However, he had not counted on the fact that Mukta's father was Rathore, somebody who was very resourceful and a hard man, capable of doing anything. Once Rathore had detected that Mukta was missing, he tried to get her on the phone and asked the police to get involved. The kidnappers had not switched off Mukta's phone initially and because of this, the phone details showed the address where Mukta was being held.
Rathore asked the police to come there, and went there himself ahead. He made his way inside, threatened everybody with a grenade, and after some fighting, managed to take Mukta out of there. Mukta was very worried that she would not be able to make it in time to stop the wedding, since she was still thinking of Meethis's happiness. They did reach there, but found people unwilling to listen to them. Because of previous efforts by Mukta, Meethi was very suspicious of her intentions, and suspected that Mukta had other intentions. Mukta even asked Vishnu to show a birth mark, which after a lot of drama, proved that Vishnu was right.
Finally the marriage happened, and Meethi is now getting into trouble, since she refused to listen to what Mukta was warning her. She will now enter into a different kind of family, one with political power.

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