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Friday, February 1, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhi - Sakranti and also Jagya takes Ganga to hospital

The serial has been moving a bit slowly for some time now, concentrating on the kite flying and other events on the occasion of Sakranti, a big festival. Anandi managed to prevent annoyance and disappointment at both sets of relatives, by doing Sakranti celebrations at both sets of relatives. First, in the morning and afternoon, they traveled to the place of Shiv's parents and ensured that Shiv's mom felt better, she was upset earlier that Dadisa had made the arrangements for Sakranti at her house and all the arrangements made at Shiv's place would now be wasted - they gave her a surprise by coming there and spending a number of hours over there.
And then the rest of the afternoon and the evening was to be spent at Dadisa's haveli, with a large portion of the time to be spent on kite-flying. There were some challenges in the kite flying because of multiple people challenging each other, such as the challenge that Madan was posing, and then the kite flying challenge between Jagya and Shiv (the challenge was more between Nandu and Sanchi, with both of them claiming that their brother was a better kite flyer and would defeat the other very easily). The contest went on for some time, and then in the end, Jagya decided to give up the challenge, letting Shiv cut his kite string (although Shiv managed to make out that Jagya had not lost, but had instead dropped the game and willingly given up the game).
The other major drama that was happening was with regard to Ganga; at the earlier location where Jagya was hiding and was being a doctor at the local health center, he had noticed Ganga once when she was being chased by her husband, and then when she had come in for an inspection, Jagya noticed that her mouth was taped shut. He finally found out the story that she had been taken in for producing an heir to a rich family, and was then treated as a servant once a boy was born. Jagya tried to get her to fight for her rights, but at that time, he was not able to do anything much.
Now, at the occasion of Sakranti, Ganga was ready to run away when she found that they were now ready to kick her out and keep her son; she finally ran away along with her son, and they were chasing after her (including a bus she had taken to Jetsar). They finally managed to get her and took away her son, while beating her up. This was seen from the haveli and Jagya managed to get her to the hospital from there, while also asking Shiv to accompany him (since Shiv was a collector).

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