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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Ram takes Ayesha home from the hospital

Bade Acche Lagte Hain has reached a strange point. The relation between Ram and Priya was reaching up to the earlier levels, with Ram having already decided that he would leave Ayesha and move on with Piya. Both of them decided that this story would need to be told to Ayesha and was looking for the right opportunity to do the same. Ram had already tested Ayesha and she had finally told him that she did see him like a husband material; Priya had asked Ayesha the same later, and Ayesha had told Priya that she loved Ram a lot, but Priya doubted the story told by Ayesha. And then happened the event - Ayesha saw Ram and Priya together, was shocked, and ran away from there with both of them chasing after her. She had a car accident soon after and both of them were shocked at what had happened. Priya blamed herself for what happened, with Ram consoling her that it was not her fault, it was an accident.
But if you have watched enough serials or movies, you know what happens when there is an accident or a serious illness (particularly related to the heart); the doctor said that Ayesha needs a good environment, no shocks, and certainly not that her marriage to Ram would be over. So Ram took Ayesha home when everybody was expecting him to make the move on Priya at that time; everybody was shocked but Priya understood and Ram also confirmed that this happened because of medical reasons.
In the meantime, Ayesha was making all the right moves, showing concern for her son, showing concern and love for Ram. In fact, there was a party at the beginning of which there was a word association game, and while Ram associated love with Priya, Ayesha did the same with Ram. The others in the family were warning Priya that all this fake, that Ayesha was not genuine, that somehow or the other, this was all part of a plan - but Priya was as usual talking about giving Ayesha a chance.
And then Ram got in the act. He told Ayesha that he had decided that he would act on what Ayesha wanted, he would reserve himself totally and fully to her, but he would give away all his property to Priya and Pihu. Ayesha was shocked at this, and made her objections clear. Ram then reversed the game and said that he would give everything to Ayesha and go with Priya, and Priya was more than eager for this. So they walked happily out of the house, with Ram having handed over a folded scroll paper to Ayesha.

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