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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Ayesha in an accident, Priya blames herself

The serial is going through a lot of drama. Earlier, there was speculation that the actress playing Ayesha (Chahatt Khanna) wanted to withdraw from the serial since she felt that her character was becoming more and more negative. However, this story changed with the concept that it was now the impending marriage of Chahat that was forcing her to withdraw from the serial. So you knew what to expect - when a character needs to be changed, most of the time either the character has a plastic surgery or is killed off. There was some chance that it was going to be the death of Ayesha in the serial, but now with the news that there is a new actress who will play the role of Ayesha (Akansha Juneja), it is pretty clear that the character of Ayesha remains in the serial, and in fact, now that she has been near death, she will be able to play a much more powerful emotional blackmail role in the serial.
Ram and Priya had been getting closer to each other in the serial, and at the night of Vikram and Neha's marriage, they got intimate again (where Priya had by mistake taken a drug in her drink and Ram was very emotional over the fact that Priya was again going to be going from his life and returning back to Dubai. This was a very strong indicator that the serial was intending for them to get together again with each other; and Ram had already got rid of his guilt complex by pretending to feign an intimate scene with Ayesha, and she rejected him (they later showed that she was still meeting Sid and in love with him).
However, Priya was still very much in guilt since she now considered that her sister was married to Ram, and it would not be proper on her part to still have a relation with Ram. However, she finally overcame this when she questioned Ayesha, and although Ayesha did try to confirm that she was in love with Ram and that it was Priya who was threatening the relationship, Priya was convinced that Ayesha was not in love with Ram and hence decided that she could finally disregard what Ayesha was saying. However, at that moment, Ayesha walked in and saw them embracing, and started running away from there in distress. They chased after her, but she met with an accident. This set off a massive guilt complex in Priya, since she believed that she was responsible for the current condition of her sister, even though Ram was repeating to her that this was just an accident.

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