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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Yash finds out the truth about Akash

More twists and turns in the serial. Aarti, who has an insatiable curiosity for learning all about everything now wanted to find out what was the deal with Radha. After all, Radha and Aakash had made the accusation that it was SP who was the father of Aakash, something that had shocked the entire household. They were all very angry at the accusation and wanted to retaliate against Radha and Aakash. Then, to prove things, a DNA test was conducted to determine whether SP was indeed the father of Akash. Now he knew that he was the father, that he had made Radha pregnant many decades back, but could not let the people in the house and his family know his secret, so SP decided to jettison all his principles and change the report. He managed to ensure that a fake report would be delivered to everybody, while he would get the true report which he could destroy.
But when Aarti spoke to Radha, she learnt that the truth was even greater; it was Radha who had changed the babies so that it was actually her child who was living in the house with the name of Yash, and Akash was actually the son of the legal married wife of SP, the son of Gayathri. Aarti was shocked to hear all this, but she was also unsure about what to do; this was such a big secret that could shake the entire household.
In the meantime, the fake DNA report was revealed, and everybody started humiliating Radha and Akash. In fact, black color and a garland of shoes was brought so that these could be applied on Akash for making such an accusation. Yash was hesitant about doing something like this, and just applied a small amount of black color on the forehead of Akash, but his brother did the rest, liberally smearing the whole face with black color as a form of humiliation. In the meantime, Yash could see smoke coming from his parents room, this smoke being the burning true DNA report. While putting out the fire, Yash finally saw the true report and was shocked. He had a discussion with Aarthi where he told her that he will not reveal the truth to everybody, he cannot stand the humiliation it will cause to his family members. Aarti reminded him about his principles, but he stated that he cannot humiliate his family members just because of his principles, and refused to reveal the truth. Aarti was very uncomfortable with this, and was not sure how to reconcile this with the more shocking truth that he knew now.

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