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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Sandhya manages to get the truth

Diya Aur Bati Hum sometimes meanders on and on, and can get boring to watch sometimes. How long can you see a person, a well educated girl, getting humiliated by her mother-in-law and others in the family, suffering, and yet managing to do good for the others in the family, getting them out of trouble. The biggest problem for Sandhya is the attitude of her mother-in-law who has conservative beliefs. Bhabho believes that it is the role of the bahu of the house to ensure that the house is running well, to produce the offspring that will take the house ahead, and not to get into matters such as getting too educated or to try to get a job. And this is the biggest problem in the house, with Sandhya wanting to get more educated, to become a police officer as she wants. Her husband Suraj is also totally behind her in this and has actually gone behind his mother's back in getting her admitted to night school. When they tell this to Bhabho, she was shocked, and finally agrees to this with the condition that if Sandhya makes 3 mistakes, then she will be turned out of the house.
Another major problem for Sandhya is Mina, the other daughter-in-law of the house, who is forever on the case of Sandhya. She wants to get Sandhya in trouble and keeps on doing stuff, and keeps on getting exposed on a regular basis. However, Bhabho knows about Meena's nature and tries to prevent Mina from saying stuff that is meant to get Sandhya in trouble, and does not leave a change to tell off Meena when she sees Meena upto something.
Now, the latest issue is about the illness of Meena's baby, something which was caused by the fraud medicines that was being taken by Meena to get a boy, something that her doctor did not know about which was causing the problems to Meena. In addition, other problems including a scooter accident that Mohit had, and also a sum of Rs. 70,000 stolen from Suraj's account (withdrawn from the ATM). This is complicated since a sadhu baba claims that there is a curse upon them, something that both Suraj and Sanadhya do not accept, but the rest of the family believes that the curse is correct, and the problems happening are because of that bad luck.
Finally, Sandhya is able to prove that the amount was actually stolen by Meena since she gets the bank to send photos of Meena in the ATM, something that shocks the rest of the family. Meena is horrified that this was found, and then starts claiming that Bhabho has always discriminated against her and forgiven Sandhya so many times.

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