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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Razia being the schemer behind everything

Asad was very angry with Zoya, since he felt that it was her action of not sending Mariam away from the house when he told her so that caused an attack on his mother; an attack that almost killed him. In fact, in his anger (when in the hospital and told by doctors that she may not survive), he even hit Zoya when she came to express her sorrow. And in his harshness, he spoke badly to her causing Zoya great distress. She tried to tell him that she was not responsible, but he did not listen to her. It was only when his mother was pronounced out of danger and she spoke to him, that he learned that it was not Zoya who was responsible for Mariam being in the house when his mother was shot. It was his mother in fact who brought Mariam back and then the intruder broke in and shot his mother. He did apologize to Zoya later for this, and soon were back to normal between them, taunting each other and so on.
The shooting of Dilshad is causing a huge amount of tension, including in the family of Rashid. Badibi was very suspicious about the behavior of Razia and finally caught something that Razia said where she mentioned that Dilshad was shot. Badibi asked Razia that it was only mentioned that Dilshad was injured with it not being mentioned anywhere that Dilshad was shot, so how did Razia know that Dilshad was shot. Badibi asked this question in front of everybody, causing great distress to Razia, since she was not immediately able to answer this question. Finally Razia made some drama about this being shown in the TV news, and that is how she managed to come away.
By this everybody in the family is very suspicious about what had happened, and then Badibi confronts Razia outside about what happened, and Razia admits to her that she was behind the attempt on the life of Dilshad; this is something that Badibi comes inside the house and tells everybody; and then Razia changes the discussion by feigning as if Babibi made an attempt on her life. So, there is a lot of doubt about what happened with regard to the attack, and so forth. And the connection to a mystery of a fire that happened 17 years back, from when Rashid is being blackmailed.
At the same time, Zoya remembered that while struggling with the intruder, she caught some part of his dress, and she and Asad search for that article outside the house. They finally find it, which is a fragment of cloth, and they are able to narrow this down to some members of a security company, trying to determine who was the actual person who was behind the attack.

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