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Monday, February 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Siddhi injured in the face, does not want to face Kunal

This must be the second or third time that something major has happened to separate Kunal and Siddhi, and then they come together, and then you wonder, that this cannot be right. How can the serial show Siddhi and Kunal together; it seems to be that as soon as they are shown together, the makers of the serial think that viewers would not like them to be together, that it is more fun if they are shown separate from each other and if necessary, taunting each other.
Even in the current case, the serial is shown that Kunal and Siddhi have come together only due to a court order; the court asked that they stay together for 6 months as a part of divorce proceedings, and also, the custody battle for the children will also be decided only at that point of time. This time, the family members are also not comfortable with Siddhi, since they do not believe that Siddhi is good for Kunal, that she has only cared for what she wants, rather than caring for the family. Somehow, Kunal is still in love with Siddhi, which is the concept that the serial has kept alive, without this the serial would have ended a long time back.
Now, after the bomb blast, and Siddhi being injured, Kunal finally managed to get Siddhi back from Abhay, and got her hospitalized for treatment of her injuries. This was very expensive as well, with Kunal and the family struggling to pay for the bills and Kunal getting more serious about his legal work so that he could generate the money to pay for the bills. He was also very hurt by the comment made by Abhay where he said that Kunal would never be able to do anything and was a failure.
Now, Siddhi has recovered and had a chance to look at the injuries on her face, and is horrified at the injuries (the way that she has hidden those injuries reminds me of the scene in Satyam Shivam Sundaram where Zeenat was shown hiding her injured face with her pallu); and she makes the stupid decision that this was not the Siddhi that Kunal knew, and being no more beautiful, she does not want Kunal to see her like this. She also tells Veena about this, and they work out a plan where Kunal will be prevented from meeting Siddhi; in the current case this is because of an alleged fast which can only be successful when Siddhi and Kunal don't meet each other for the duration of the fast.

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