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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Finally RK reveals the truth, gets his revenge

So finally what people have been expecting in the serial has come true, but there is some doubt still about this storyline. Initially the series showed RK as a highly arrogant person, who would do what he wanted and acted as a villain would. However, soon after his forced marriage with Madhu, the serial showed him changing. He still had a determined streak in him, but he would listen to Madhu more and act in ways that would seem different from what was earlier. He also cut off his relation with Deepali, the wife of his brother, and supported Madhu whenever there was any tension regarding her in the house. In fact, when Madhu was doing a karva chauth for RK (after Madhu realized that she was in love with him), RK told her that he was not supportive of the idea of this kind of fast and the concept behind it, but in the end, he does come to support her and gets her whatever medical help she needs.
And then the serial shows RK in a new mode. He is helping Madhu in whatever she needs to do; he does an incredible amount of work in showing Padmini and Malick about their true feelings for each other and finally getting them married to each other (even though he received a slap from Padmini for this one); he then gets injured while trying to save them from Balraj and uses his money to provide Padmini the best of legal help and then with the help of an impassioned speech, Padmini is freed from the court; he works towards removing the block on the film career of Trishna and tries to get her a film; and he even helps out Madhu when she has made it her life to get RK and his mother together again.
And then they show that Madhu and RK are feeling for each other, with the strong possibility of intimacy and feelings for each other happening; and this can only be resolved (as per Madhu) when their uncompleted pheras are done, and they finally complete all 7 pheras. Madhu sees that as the validation of their married life and is waiting for that to happen. Finally they decide to have a marriage, and that is when the big twist happens. At that actual time, RK refuses to do the pheras, telling her that this was all part of his revenge plan. He could not forget the slaps she gave him at their time of marriage and was looking to get revenge, and this is now his revenge. Madhu is shocked, but RK rubs it in, telling her that even the dresses that they are wearing are on rent, since he wanted nothing permanent for this kind of act.
The problem is, for somebody who wanted to such a revenge, he has already done a huge amount of work for Madhu, and somehow doing this for somebody against whom you wanted revenge seems too much of work, especially when it was not really expected out of him.

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