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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Avantika signs over all her rights to Anuj

The serial is going through a lot of drama, and with some actions that seem totally incredible. One of the major complexities of the serial have been resolved, but with still some questions. And some other actions that were taken in the serial seemed very strange, with one not being sure as to why they happened. The whole principle of the separation of Avantika and Harish was finally resolved, after Pankhuri and Aditya had managed to located Kailash (the past lover of Pretty Mausi, who had made her pregnant and left; and for whom Harish had arranged to get an abortion - it was this abortion whose papers Avantika had found and which had let to the separation between them). Now that this was resolved, one basic question remained about why neither Harish or Preety had told Avantika the truth - any possible impact to Preety would be far less than the long separation between Harish and Avantika.
It is after this truth comes out that Mami and Anuj Mama make their move; when Avantika finally announces that she welcomes Pankhuri as her daughter-in-law and makes a much more happy face. However, this happiness is not to last more than one day, since Sheila Mami incites Anuj to make his move and he does so the next day. He tells Avantika that he cannot tolerate insults to his family anymore and will leave the house unless Avantika agrees to his terms. And what are his terms ? He wants all responsibility to be turned over to him - with him being the decision maker in the business and in the family, that the power of attorney be turned over to him, and so on. Pankhuri is shocked at this power grab being made by Anuj Mama, but Avantika agrees to this and decides to sign the papers that Anuj has already prepared.
When Nana and Preety Mausi get to know, they are also shocked and very angry, angry at both Anuj for making such demands and at Avantika for agreeing to such terms. They know that Mami is not good and are worried about what the future will bring. In the meantime, Avantika is making her peace with her mother-in-law and also wants to go back to Harish's house. Mami is very happy, since she wants all of them to leave the house and for her to be in command of the house. She is also trying to figure out how to also get Preety Mausi to leave by encouraging her to get married.
There is also a lot of discussion going on about getting Preeti to resume her relationship with Kailash, but his wife Vedika also lands there and has a discussion with Preeti Mausi, in which she tells Preety Mausi that she should let Kailash go and not try to resume her relationship with Kailash.

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