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Monday, February 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Mahadev out to teach Kuber not to be so proud of his wealth

The serial keeps on showing a new face of Mahadev to the viewers. Traditionally the image of Mahadev has been that of the angry Lord Shiva, the destroyer; out of the trinity of The Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishnu), and the Destroyer (Shiva). So, the image that most people have of Lord Shiva is that of a person doing the tandav dance, the one who went on a rampage after Sati died and so on. The serial is showing a difference face to Lord Shiva, showing a great god who counsels patience and the good things in life in terms of spirituality and how to be good, the one who teaches people how to live their lives, and so on. The anger from the God is hardly ever shown, and even in some cases, the serial also shows that even the actions of the trinity (including himself) were also something that was already supposed to happen - for example, when Mahadev cuts off the head of Ganesha, it was because of a curse that was laid on him when he killed the sun god some time back (although he brought back the sun god to life soon after that).
Right now, the serial is showing a small conflict in Kailash where Goddess Parvathi wants Lord Shiva to be more responsible to his family, and at least, build a small house in Kailash. He does not believe in such a concept, since he feels that you stay away from nature when you do, that you get to enjoy all the seasons when you live out in the world. However, his wife and even his children do not really get the same sort of feeling that he does.
One of the lessons that Mahadev talks about is about the one that Kuber should be getting. God Kuber was given a boon where he would take care of all the money in the world, and instead he understand that to mean that all that money was his, and he got very proud of all the money that he was holding. Further, he grew to be a big miser, always looking to see where his money could be getting spent, and how to get free work done without spending his money for it. So when Raavan (his brother) comes there, he figures out that he can get Raavan to do some re-building of his house without spending his own money on that.
At this time, Mahadev comes there in the form of a Yogi and manages to tantalize Kuber with the thought that people don't know how rich and mighty he is, and he should do a big party where he provides food to a large number of people. When he goes to Mahadev's house, he is uncomfortable with inviting all the inhabitants since that would mean a lot of food. He settles for the compromise of inviting Ganesh, but with a condition that Ganesh would be served first. When Ganesh reaches there, many of you would know what happened next. Ganesh's hunger is not satisfied with all the food that has been cooked, and he starts to eat away all the riches kept there, the house and is in danger of eating Kuber before Mahadev steps in.

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