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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - They defeat Veeru, but bullet hits Simar

For a long time now, the serial has been showing an effort to save the property of the Bhardwaj family that was looted by Khushi, with Veeru supporting her. Khushi spared no effort to humiliate the family, making them do household work, holding parties in the house, renaming the sweet shop, and so on. Roli decided to do a scheme to get the property back from Khushi, but this would not be easy. Why would somebody who took a lot of property by trickery want to give it all back; more trickery is required. The way that Roli figured out how to do this was to use the help of Veeru to get the property back, but this would not have been easy either. The way would be to get him in love with Roli and then get him to trick Khushi to give the property and everything back.
So, Roli changed her entire demeanor in front of Veeru. She would go to a club when everybody was asleep, the same club where Veeru would go and pretend that this was her natural self, her dressing and behavior at home was something that she was forced to do. She did not even tell her own sister that she was doing this, in order to ensure that nobody spoiled the game in front of Veeru. Finally Veeru was convinced enough that he started getting more interested. Roli tried to make him feel the need to become more powerful by saying that the entire property belonged to Khushi, that Veeru did not have anything with him. Finally they had an agreement where Veeru decided to trick Khushi and get her to sign over everything to him.
However, he had a condition. He would only hand over the property once Roli got divorced from Siddharth; something that shocked her. But she finally agreed, although the thought was that they would handle the situation once the property papers were changed. So Veeru got Khushi to sign the papers, and then kicked her out of the house; although he did not sign it over to Roli. Instead he set the condition that this would happen only when Roli had actually got married to him. Finally, the marriage was due to happen, and Roli was panicked. Simar knew that the only way to stop this was to find the papers that Veeru had hidden, and searched the house from top to bottom.
Finally Simar managed to find the papers, and after a lot of dramatic struggle, managed to stop the marriage. Everybody was astonished at what had happened, and happy that Roli was only working for the good of the family. It was Veeru who was badly shocked, and tried to even keep the baby as a blackmailing tip so that the marriage will happen. However, finally a fight happened and Veeru was caught by the police. But he was not satisfied; he managed to get a gun and try to shoot Roli, but shot Simar since she tried to save Roli. Now Simar is in hospital, where doctors have pronounced her as in a dangerous condition.

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