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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Now how to get the property back from Veeru

Things are problematic in the serial. At one time, the serial used to tom-tom family values and how the family should live, and now the sort of things that the serial is showing is more down to this world, with all the deceit and trickery that happens in the real world. So you have a promo which shows a husband sleeping with a lady who is not his wife; you have a wife wanting to separate from her husband and get married to somebody else in order to get property back, and so on. And you have a guy who knows what his sister-in-law is trying to do is to get the family property back, and he strikes out at her, wanting to convert her into a family outcast; and so on. None of these combine to become a family kind of story.
So, the first part of Roli's mission was done. She had managed to get Khushi to sign over her property, and to get her kicked out of the house. However, all this was done by Veeru since he was in love with Roli and this was a condition set by Roli (to get the property back from Khushi) in order for Veeru to pursue his love affair with Roli. So, when Veeru did all this, and managed to get the property from Khushi signed onto his name, the first step he took was to inform Khushi that she was now without any property and to throw her out of the house. This was a happy occasion for the Bhardwaj family since Khushi had tortured them for some time now, making them work as servants and humiliating them for a long time.
However, all this had happened because of Roli being able to persuade Veeru to do this, and the only way to do this was by doing what Veeru wanted; this also involved Roli signing the divorce papers with Siddharth, something that shocked the rest of the house. Most of the house did not even know the reason for Roli to do all this, and were thoroughly shocked and wanted to kick Roli out, and not treat her as part of the family anymore.
This increased when Veeru got the property in his name, since he stepped in when the rest of the family was humiliating Roli, and declared that he loved Roli, and nobody had the right to say anything against her; at which Mataji said that they would then leave the house rather than talking to Roli. On the other hand, the promos have been showing Siddharth sleeping with Naina (and one does not know whether this is a dream sequence or a reality, since this would be a shocker to Roli).

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