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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Yash to get married again, part of condition for Ansh release

The serial has made a huge twist, with the kidnapping of Ansh by Prashant, since he wanted to get Aarti and Ansh away from Yash. But the death of Prashant did not yield Ansh, and instead the pursuing Yash and Aarti just missed him at the hotel. Instead, we were treated to the presence of a new character, Akshay, who comes into the household as a driver with a lot of opinion. And it seems that Akshay was the one who is actually holding Ansh, even though the driver of the decision was somebody else, not revealed till now. So, Yash and Aarti decide to do a plan, they send off a ball laden with chemicals to Ansh, with the expectation that the kidnapper would handle the ball and this chemical would set off a reaction on his or her body and thus they could be detected.
Now, the wedding ceremonies have started, the wedding of Yash (of course, no divorce can happen so quickly between Yash and Aarti, so wondering how this 7 day time period for a new wedding could have happened). And with the wedding, some people in Yash's family are happy with this decision, especially the Buaji who could not tolerate the presence of Aarti in the house. Buaji does what she can to support the re-marriage, and taunt Aarti as well (and so you are exposed to a lot of drama in the house).
Things get a bit tense, with Buaji suffering some irritation on her skin, and when Aarti sees this, she thinks that maybe Buaji was the kidnapper and accuses her of the same. However, others in the family support Buaji and tell Aarti that it was an insect who bit her in the garden and hence there was a need for medicine for the same. Aarti is shame-faced at this.
There is a lot of grief in terms of the relation between Yash and Aarti, and the serial shows Aarti crying a lot when Yash is getting dressed up for the marriage, and the family members are coming to call Yash for the ceremony. Finally Buaji also comes there and does some more taunts, and takes Yash away. However, there is a commotion soon where Mr. Dubey (the father of Prashant, and the former father-in-law of Aarti, suffers an allergic reaction that is witnessed by Aarti and she calls Yash away from the ceremony and everybody comes there to see Mr. Dubey having the massive allergic reaction).

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