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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hindi TV Serials - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - 6 months later, Ram and Priya are happy

Who would have thought that such a twist in the serial would be shown? That the Ram Kapoor, the man who was so powerful and running such a large business empire would suddenly change his entire world ? What they showed in the serial was not something that you could really believe. How can you have somebody who hands over his entire empire so as to get rid of his wife ? Ethically as well, when you are running a business, you are responsible for the jobs of your employees, you are responsible to your customers, and you are responsible towards the other shareholders. What they showed in the serial was behavior contrary to everything that you would learn as a part of a business.
What happened in the show was about Ram wanting to take a decision about ensuring that Ayesha leaves his life, but in a way that it would not seem that he was deserting her. So, when Ayesha is talking about how she loves Ram, Ram decides to tell her that he has decided that he will spend the rest of his life with her, but he will hand over the entire company and all his wealth to Piya and Pihu. Ayesha is very surprised at this and objects, saying that she does not agree to this; when she is the wife, why should Priya get everything.
So Ram turns around and says that he will reverse his stand, and asks Priya whether she will be him even if he gives everything he has to Ayesha; Priya agrees and Ayesha is very happy. As soon as this is over, both Ram and Priya leave the house and Ayesha starts taking over. She is now on an arrogant trip, and with more advice from Sid, she starts humiliating the other members of the house. Ram's brother is first told to move to a different room in the house, his card stops working in the office; when Ram gets to know about this, he tells him that Ram had just handed over his shares in the company to Ayesha, everybody else gets to keep their share (and they have forgotten that Ram had once handed over one of his better companies to priya; I wonder what happened to that decision).
So, now the scene shifts to 6 months after. After a few days of living with Neha and Vikram, Ram and Priya are now shown living in Jaipur, living a middle class life. They do not have that kind of money anymore, and Priya is very conscious about not wasting money and ensuring that money is saved. Ram is now running a small factory and they are all very happy. It is the birthday of Pihu, and everybody wants to come to Jaipur, but then Ayesha turns up and wants to have a birthday party for Kush so that nobody will go to Jaipur for the birthday party. She still remains envious of Priya and her life. Even her own mother has by now told her that she does not appreciate what all Ayesha is doing, that Ayesha has nobody to take care of her now, but Ayesha is too intoxicated by power to care about what anybody else is saying.

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