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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Getting Jhumki to overcome all doubts

The serial is correctly following the pattern of many movies. There was a need for the bahu of the family who had died, and her death causes the family property and family business to go over to the villains. This causes the hero and heroine (who is also the sister of the bahu) to suddenly come across a girl who looks like the dead bahu. And of course, this new girl is from a totally new environment and different culture, so there are lots of chances of slip-ups, which also ensures that the serial will have a lot of chances to show a lot of drama.
So, Simar and Prem had managed to persuade Jhumki to come to the Bhardwarj family house to help all of them, and finally she agreed to do so, and also set some conditions. It was a challenge for Jhumki to learn all about Roli, about the family that she is going to live in, and about her relationships; all of this was something that Simar was trying to push into her and it is not easy for somebody to suddenly forget their basic culture, and remember everything that they were told to remember and do.
This was a big blow to the plans of Veeru and Khushi; for them, it was the death of Roli that caused all of this property to back to their name, and if Roli is living, then they have no claim on anything. So, they cannot believe that Roli is alive, and it is a bit difficult overall once you have known that somebody has died to believe that the person has come back to life, even further since this will mean that their plans are all blown out of the water. Towards this end, both Veeru and Khushi decide that they will not move out of the house although Siddharth and Prem wants to kick them out of the house - it is Mataji who stops them; and this is probably one of the first times that one of the children raised any objections to what Mataji said. They said that she keeps on stopping any action against Veeru and Khushi, and all of this can cause problems.
The rest of the family does not know that Roli is not back, instead they also believe that Roli has come back. The truth about Roli / Jhumki is known only to Prem and Simar, and for some reason, they are not telling the rest of the family about this. This is causing problems, since if Roli is back, then there is no reason for her not to resume her relationship with Sid. After all, there were such a number of problems earlier relating to Naina and others, and it is time for them to resume this relationship and have a normal husband / wife relation. However, Simar is trying hard to prevent this, since she knows that this is not Roli.
Now, there will be more problems since there were certain ways that Roli did things, and Jhumki is certainly not going to do things the same way, especially at times of pressure.

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