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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Savitri - Savitri making her way, does some fighting for the first time ..

So the serial takes some new twists and turns. First of all, during her quest to get the arms of Rahukaal, she encounters Nagraj and pisachs near a forest. And then during the fighting, she gets the help of a lady who looks just like her mother-in-law, but who is dressed very differently and with a very different set of powers. Savitri is confused by this, but this lady is helping her in the fight against the Nagaraj and the others, along with Vikrant who is also helping her. At the temple to the Devi, she encounters the spirit of a baba who gives her a sword and tells her that she should do her duty to help the pisachs who need delivery from their curse. And then you see a major transformation in Savitri, who, wearing a sword, decides to take a new route. She starts a major fight against all the demons around her, with Nagaraj not believing what he is seeing. And then Savitri tells the Nagaraj that his power is gone, he is the one who is the curse on the demons all around him, and then she cuts off his head. And soon after, the pisachs all vanish, apparently with the curse on them having gone. She gets a ring from the old man which gives her the visions of the past, of Veer, of Damayanti, and whatever happened earlier where Rahukaal had killed Veer, and then Damayanti had killed Rahukaal and cut his bodies into different parts.
In the meantime, the lady who looked like her mother-in-law tells her that she is very confident of the abilities of Savitri, and goes off. She has already told Savitri that she is not related to her in any way, her face being similar to that of her mother-in-law is totally coincidental, and the reason that she is helping Savitri is because this will be the only way that her son, Rahu Kaal, would get his whole body back. And then she goes back to Rahu Kaal and Gulika, who are very upset to see her there, since her helping Savitri is to help get the body of Rahu Kaal back. She seems upset over what has been happening, and particularly blaming Gulika for whatever has happened to Rahukaal.
Now, when the hands are with Savitri, Gulika comes there and asks for the hands. Savitri refuses and tells Gulika that unless Rahukaal come there, she will destroy the hands. Gulika does not like this, but goes from there and then Rahukaal comes there. He also threatens her that bad things will happen to Satya unless the hands are given to him, but she tells him that unless Satya comes there, the hands are gone. And she has a sword which she tries to use on Rahukaal, but he tells her that he does not have a body (destroyed by her in the past) and hence the sword cannot hurt him. She first has to bring the parts of his body, put them together, and then only she can destroy it again.
Satya is brought back, but Rahukaal tells her that this is in a form controlled by him; is this Satya or somebody like him, or what ?

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