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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Adi still angry with Pankhuri, Kaira in a bad spot

Things are getting complex again in the serial. For some time now, the serial has been reaching towards a point where Pankhuri's family will get to know about her working as a caretaker in the Diwan household and this will cause problems with Adi and Avantika. The only reason why Sheila and Rubel were not able to exploit the situation was because Nanaji had told them that he knew what they were trying, and if he ever got to know that they had done something like this, at that very instant he would donate the mansion to charity and they would be kicked out of the house. This was scary to them, since they wanted the mansion as well (it was very expensive and they could not bear to see the house going away to charity after all the planning and effort they had taken to get Avantika and Adi out of the house).
Now, Avantika had got to know about Pankhuri working as a caretaker, and while she was angry, she was reconciled to this pretty quickly, and gave Sheila a big surprise when she came to the house along with Pankhuri one day, thus ensuring that Sheila and Rubel knew that Avantika knew and it was not that big a problem with her as they had anticipated. However, the situation with Adi was different; he had a hot temper, and when he finally got to know, he was very angry that Pankhuri was doing this behind his back, that she had not told him. He refused to accept apologies from Pankhuri, and even though she had sent him flowers, he still taunted her after he came home. He used her own words after she came home, telling her that one should not cause harm to one's own loved ones.
In the mansion, things are becoming very strange with Kaira and Manan. Pankhuri is starting to suspect that there are some problems with Manan, but it is difficult to say anything since Kaira is very angry if anybody says anything to her. Sheila is trying to start the work for her marriage, trying to arrange some good boys for her; but the problem is that Kaira really does not listen to Sheila, and Manan is also screwing up things further by getting her involved with drugs. By this time, Kaira is getting hooked onto drugs, which is causing her to behave even more strongly.
So, on a day when Sheila has invited the family of a very eligible boy to the home, Kaira is nowhere to be seen. Sheila is frantic and asks Pankhuri for help, and Pankhuri can see that Kaira is standing by the side of the road, totally out of it. Pankhuri has to go to Kullu with Adi for Dadaji's birthday celebrations, and helping Kaira will make her late. She does take Kaira, and by this time, Sheila has handled the situation, asking the boy's family to come the next day and Sheila wants to ensure that Kaira will be there.

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