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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Bhabho has a strong attack of conscience

The serial is showing a side of Bhabho that was not ever shown before. Bhabho has always been determined that Sandhya would never be a police officer and she would do whatever was necessary to prevent that. As a consequence, she decided to feed liquor chocolates to Sandhya during the marriage ceremonies, on the eve of the test, so that Sandhya would not be in a proper state of mind to give the test.
In the meantime, the marriage ceremonies were getting over with Emily coming to the home and doing some more ceremonies in the house. Finally, during some teasing, Emily and Mohit are in the room, and it is there that Emily gets a big shock. Mohit takes off his pagri, and then scolds Emily that she finally got what she wanted. Emily is shocked at this tone from Mohit and tells him that this was what was best for both of them, and both of them did love each other. However, Mohit told her that he was shocked when she went to the police station against him, and she had lost his love forever as a result of that. Emily told him that they had a child coming to birth, and so on ... but as of now Mohit is determined, since he tells her that she may have got married to him, but there is no love between them, and he will not give her the love a husband would give to a wife, and nothing she does will change that.
On the other side, both Chavvi and Sandhya have started studying for the exam for the next day, but Sandhya is not very stable, primarily because of the liquor that she ate (which was forced on her by Bhabho, given that Bhabho knew that the effect of those liquor chocolates would ensure that she was dizzy the next day, hardly the best of state to be in when you are giving an exam). Suraj tries to help her, but soon after, Sandhya is falling dizzy and goes to sleep. At the other side, Vikram is being sarcastic against Meena, since he tells her that you are the only one who is differentiating between a girl child and a male child, I would have treated both of them the same.
The next morning, Bhabho has a strong attack of conscience, with her conscience facing back to her in the mirror and telling her that she has sunk low, since she did not use good tactics to get her method, the use of liquor to force Sandhya against going for the test was not right. This conscience finally forced Bhabho at attempt to wake up Sandhya, and when Meena was surprised about this, she also got an earful from Bhabho on this one. Finally, Bhabho managed to wake up Sandhya, who was also in a bad state, and they are in the nick of time, managed to take Sandhya to the exam center, but the iron grill has just been closed by a guard.

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