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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - After the feat of Kajri, people agree to Emily and Mohit wedding

As usual, the serial takes another serious problem and then resolves it in a manner that seems to show that the tradition should be broken if it is against humanity. However, in the serial they show a major tragedy about to happen which changes the mood and minds of the villagers, and this causes them to break their tradition. However, for those cases where such a feeling does exist, one cannot always depend on some kind of tragedy and heroic action to change the minds of the local people, especially when it came to caste and religious differences.
The serial has them at Maasa's village where they have also taken Emily and Mohit to get Emily to take part in the festivities of the marriage in Maasa's family and also see whether Maasa can give approval for Mohit and Emily to get married. However, they also realise that in the village, there are lots of problems with regard to inter-caste and inter-religion marriage. Given that Bhabho was initially against the marriage with Emily because she was Christian, Maasa would be more firmly against such a marriage. However, finally Emily meets her approval after she touches up her face (after some treatment left Maasa's face with marks).
But Maasa does not know that Emily is a Christian, and it is even more dangerous when the rest of the village gets to know about this fact. When the village thakur gets to know about this, he is very angry, calls this a violation of the traditions of the village and wants to hunt down Mohit and Emily so that they can be punished with death.
Suraj escapes with them while the rest of the Rathi family are locked up. Suraj, Mohit and Emily hide in an old haveli, while Sandhya does some drama inside the place where they are locked up to ensure that the guards open the place. However, by this time the hunt is over and Suraj, Mohit and Emily are found. Things are getting problematic for them, with imminent danger, and they find that a fire has happened which has caused many young children of the village to get stuck, along with Chotu. The fire spreads such that there is no way for the children to get out and anybody to get to them.
And then Sandhya remembers that there is a way to get to them, through walking on a rope that can be stretched to the haveli, but the only person who can do that is Kajri, who is near crazy because her son and daughter-in-law were killed because they broke a similar tradition of the village. Kajri is reluctant to do this, but is persuaded to do this. She makes several trips, walking on the rope and getting back the children one by one, including the son of the thakur.
Once this happens, Sandhya lamblasts the villagers about their beliefs, saying that their children was saved by one whose close ones were killed horribly by the villagers and now they are trying to thank her for saving their children. Finally, the thakur and the villagers agree for the marriage and so does Maasa. Bhabho is somewhat reluctant, but then is scolded by Maasa, who asks for the wedding of Mohit and Emily to be planned soon, and asks Sandhya to take the responsibility for doing the marriage. 

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