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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke - Gunjan has an accident, maybe her father changes his mind

As part of the discussion between Gunjan and Charu about getting Mayank and his parents out from the jail (they were jailed after Charu filed a complaint of harassment and injury against Mayank and his parents), Charu wanted to ensure that Gunjan was out of the house - she considered that Gunjan was the main person behind her husband being distant from her. So, when her father came to the house, and started discussions related to her future, Gunjan was agreeable to this. She told her father that she was not involved with anybody, and also told him that she was ready to marry somebody. He got the profile of Aditya, and she agreed to meet Aditya. In the meantime, Mayank was not willing to take this problems raised by Charu and started a plan to expose her false claims by fabricating photos that apparently showed her in the act of faking her own burning and other such events. Finally, Charu was forced to admit that she had done all this, and the police was able to hear this and took her away. So, the combination of Rachna and Mayank managed to get Charu out of the house.
In the meantime, the engagement of Gunjan and Aditya was progressing, and whenever Aditya had any doubt, Gunjan managed to assure him that she was totally happy with the marriage. In the meantime, Mayank was very unhappy but not in a position to say anything. However, Aditya did manage to get to know more details and at the time of the actual marriage, he backed down saying that he now knew the truth and considered that it would unfair for him to marry Gunjan now that he knew the truth. However, this was very shocking for Gunjan's father since he had no idea of all this, and also, Mayank was still married. He made his opposition to any sort of romance or marriage with Mayank clearly well known and told Gunjan quite sternly that he would not agree to anything like this. 
However, by this time, Gunjan was quite clear that she wanted to be with Mayank and was willing to defy her own father. They tried a number of small steps to cause her father to look more kindly at Mayank, but he refused quite angrily and told them that he will not change his stand. She met Mayank outside the house and told him that she was willing to run away with him, but Mayank took the correct route and refused this. At this, Gunjan finally told him that they could not meet after this, and drove off in her car quite disturbed. And you know what happens when somebody drives off while disturbed, they have an accident. She has a horrible accident with a truck and Mayank rushes her off to hospital, with her getting more seriously injured and Mayank being less injured.

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