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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Vrinda finally agrees to marry Jalandhar

After some amount of persuasion by Shukracharya, Jalandhar finally decides to obey the wishes of his guru and marry somebody. The discussion was an interesting one, where the guru told him about the duties of the king of the asuras to marry so that he can have a heir for the future of the asura race. At the same time, Jalandhar responded that he was not born of any king (although he was actually born of the flame generated by the opening of the third eye of Siva) and he did not believe in this concept of a kind getting his kingdom due to his being the son of somebody. He won the throne based on his capabilities.
When he went to Vrinda to extend his marriage proposal, her father had been there before him. Her father talked to Vrinda about her marriage, and Vrinda thought that he was talking about Jalandhar. She remembered him, and also remembered how Jalandhar had saved her, and thinking about this, she told her father that she was agreeable to whoever her father had chosen for her. So, she was shocked when her father told her that her would be husband was another asura. When Jalandhar came there, she told him that her father had chosen another asura, and she would marry whoever her father had chosen. Of course, since Jalandhar was a man of direct action, he went before her father and asked for her hand in marriage, and hence, her father agreed. But Vrinda objected, since she did not like being tossed from one person to the other.
In the meantime, Indira proposed to the other devas that he will surrender before the asuras since Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh have all refused to help him. However, at that time, Vishnu and Brahma entered there and told him that they are giving him a new weapon in the fight. Indira is very happy since his plan seems to have worked. At the same time, Parvathi is now sitting in a much deeper form of concentration, and Mahesh has already told Karthikeyan and Ganesh that they need to protect her while she is in this quest, but it will be difficult since her energies will start to come back. And it is indeed during this concentration, as her energies start to get back, that she starts to remember more. The powers that are flowing through her are making her red-hot and both Ganesh and Karthikeyan are waiting for their father to come to handle this situation.
Now Jalandhar enters into the battle with Indira, and Indira is very happy since he has a new weapon to handle Jalandhar, and hence is very confident.
Shukrachray on the other hand is working on Vrinda, to get her to agree to the proposal with Jalandhar. He knows that once Jalandhar gets married to a pious and truthful lady, he has a boon that will make him almost impossible to defeat. As a result, when finally Vrinda agrees to marry him, weapons thrown by Indra against Jalandhar stop working, which causes Indra to get very worried. Vrinda approaches the battlefield and Jalandhar is able to hear this.
Mahadev approaches the location where Parvathi is meditation, and his presence is what her parents and her sons are looking for, since the movement of the powers into Parvathi is causing a lot of worries to them.

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