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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Again the family being kicked out of the house, trying to get Roli's lookalike

A very strange situation, but it seems like the serial is meant for showing sadness and despair, and is almost becoming like a hindi film. So, the death of Roli is clear, and this death is causing financial problems to the family. In addition to the emotional turmoil that was caused to Simar and Siddharth, and the rest of the family, the changes in the life of Roli were so fast after she had deceived Veeru and got him to give the property back to Roli that the papers were not properly registered. Because of this, Veeru shows up when the Bhardwarj family tried to get back to the house, Veeru claimed that he was the nominee and hence the property is theirs. Both Veeru and Khushi were very happy at this, and to cause humiliation to the family.
They give the family 36 hours to vacate the house, and also tell them many other things for further embarrassment. As usual, there are a lot of tears from everyone in the house because of all this going on, they have already lost their dutiful and loving daughter-in-law Roli. And then they also hear that Veeru and Khushi have no intention of living together, and since they cannot decide what to do with the house, they will sell the house and divide the money among themselves. Since the house has such an emotional connection with the family, they are even further distraught when they hear all this.
On the other hand, Simar and Prem are not there yet, and the family decide that they will wait for them to come back before they leave the house. They see a young girl, and since this is a hindi serial, you know that there will be a duplicate of Roli who will show up, and she will have a totally different background, and so it happens in this case. Simar sees somebody on the street who looks like her sister performing in a nautch girl kind of routine and trying to stop everybody over there, since she cannot stand to see her sister doing an act like that. On the other hand, the girl, called Jhumki, is not able to understand who Simar is, and why she is chasing after her screaming the name of Roli.
Finally Simar and Prem catch up with Jhumki, who is there with her younger brother, and Simar realizes that this girl is not her sister; she hugs her and realizes that there is no connection that she is making with this girl. Both Simar and Prem tell the girl about their situation, and the need they have of her coming with them and making the case that she was Roli and preventing Veeru and Khushi from kicking the family out of the house. Jhumki is reluctant, but finally agrees and lays down some conditions for the same, including a lot of money. Now, Jhumki has to learn a lot about Roli, her style, the people in the family, how they live, and it taker her some time, which makes Simar impatient. But finally she comes and starts preventing Veeru and Khushi from kicking the family out of the house.

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