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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Ishita in her quest to get Yash to be hers

The serial is moving into apparently the final week of this series, with the new season of the soap ready to start soon, and hence the current serial needs to be wrapped up soon. Ishita is under a lot of pressure, since she wants Yash to be hers, while she is now under pressure from both Akash and Aarti about her behavior, and has to move matters quickly. On both these fronts, matters will get very dangerous for her, leaving her with very little time.
Ever since she was prevented from marrying Yash and married Akash, Ishita has always wanted to marry Yash. This is becoming a passion with her and she is willing to do anything to get this ambition of hers fulfilled, not caring about her being married to Akash (who is still vulnerable, even though he has got a lot of love from his brothers) and about Yash being happily married to Aarti and having many children with Aarti. For Ishita, she is now the total villain of the piece, and will do anything in her quest to harm Aarti. She tried to harm Aarti before her delivery, but was unable to do anything. After that, after Ayu was born, Ishita did not give up and finally got the kidnap of Ayu done. Aarti was initially blamed for this, but soon after, the same child was adopted back by Pari and brought back into the house.
By now, Aarti is very suspicious of Ishita, but like many other Hindi Serials, the makers of the serial always show the good people to be a bit dumb, always expecting that people will get better over a period of time and will lose their badness, and many times have to suffer because of that (some serials can show this suffering to happen for many months or years, while other serials can show this suffering to be a bit shorter). She wants to ensure that no harm can come to the family because of Ishita, but is not cunning enough to prevent Ishita from doing what she wants to do - she has to catch Ishita after she has done whatever she wanted to do.
Now, Ishita is in trouble with Akash wanting to be intimate with her, while Ishita is trying to rebuff him, and even tells him that she is using him to get closer to somebody else. Akash finally mentions the divorce word, and asks her whether she is interested in divorcing Akash since she is not really interested in the marriage. However, Ishita gets a reprieve after that when Akash has to go Bhopal for some work. Soon after, Ishita has a confrontation with Aarti where she gets 2 stinging slaps from Aarti since Aarti again believes that Ishita is after Yash. Also, when there are some dancers in the house for a function, Aarti traces one of them as being the one who was involved at the time of Ayu's kidnap, and gets the information from her that Ishita was involved in the kidnap.
With so little time left, Ishita has to move quickly. She has to quickly snare Yash in a situation where he cannot deny, and so gets him to a hotel elsewhere with the pretense that she has a detective to investigate the kidnapping and that the detective is getting closer. She then gets Yash to drink a juice that has been drugged and is hoping to showcase Yash in an intimate scene, so that he cannot deny what happened.

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