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Monday, May 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Anamika - Jeet trying to hire Anamika as a model, while Rano is scaring Chavvi

The serial is trying to be different, but somehow the appeal is not there. The ghost Anamika was haunting Jeet, while Rano, his wife was trying to save Jeet from coming under the influence of Anamika, and tried all sorts of things, such as using a person to do spells and try the anti-ghost process as shown in the movie Raaz. She is told to find the body of Anamika which was lying in a small lake, and had to do this by sunset. She was able to do this, and tried to burn the body, however, Anamika was also applying the force required to prevent Rano from going ahead with the body burning. She manages to prevent Anamika from taking Jeet with her, but in the process loses her life. With her death, there comes a clash between the 2 families with Rano's mother blaming Jeet's family for preventing the death of Rano, and for not taking care of her. And in the twist, Rano herself turns into a ghost, however, she is not able to appear in physical form as Anamika is able to.
Jeet by now is in a frenzy of work, devastated after the death of Rano, and susceptible to come under the influence of Anamika again. Rano is now able to see all this happening, but is unable to make her appearance felt, and unable to prevent matters from going ahead. As a part of his business, Jeet wants a new model. A lady called Chavvi wants to get a job in the business, but Jeet refuses to give her a job, and is not very happy with her even otherwise. However, Ritu likes Chavvi and says that since she has a 50% stake in the business, she will appoint Chavvi to the business.
Jeet on the other hand is not happy with this decision, and has been persistent in hiring Anamika as a model, pursuing her. She on the other hand shows that she is not interested, only arriving at one interview. Finally she agrees to become the model but only if her conditions are met to, which includes having Jeet present at the modeling session, since Jeet has told her that he is dedicated to the product, and she tells him that it means that he should be there to take care of things. He even tries to get her interested by arranging a dinner at the lakeside, something that she tells him that she likes.
So, finally Anamika agrees to be the model, but when she starts modeling, she insists that she will only model when Jeet is there, and he has to drop everything and run there, since she is refusing to do the shoot. On the other side, Chavvi is very surprised to learn that she is able to communicate with Rano, and she realizes that she is talking to a ghost. This can sometimes become inconvenient, since nobody else can see Rano, and it surprises others to see her talking to thin air.

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