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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Managing to stop the marriage of Manan and Kaira

The marriage preparations for Manan and Kaira are going on full speed. However, Pankhuri and Adi had a lot of suspicions about Manan, and have come to learn that he has been getting Kaira addicted to drugs. Then, they manage to find out that Latika is also in cahoots with him, and manage to blackmail her to find out more details about Manan, and find out that the family is from Ahemdabad.
On the other hand, the Doctor finds out that Latika is pregnant, and Sheela is shocked when she learns about this. She knows how Latika is actually like, and even though she was ready to use the services of Latika earlier for going against Adi and Pankhuri, she cannot visualize Latika as her daughter-in-law. So, when she finds out, she is shocked, especially since she believed that the marriage was just a temporary arrangement, not an actual wedding.
However, Rubel was initially for an abortion, but then Latika persuades him that the baby could be an emotional argument that would help them, and then Rubel decides that they need to keep the baby. When Sheela tells him that they need to drop the baby, Rubel refuses and says that he will make the decisions with relation to his baby, but does not bother to tell her the reasons for the same.
Pankhuri and Aditya are attempting to find the house of Manan in Ahemdabad, and then find that his father meets them, and has called the police. Manan has spun a story that these people were trying to blackmail him, and the police arrest Pankhuri and Adi. At this point of time, Aditya calls Harish and tells him about the current situation. Harish reaches there, and gets bail papers and manages to get Aditya out of the jail. The police officer is a fan of Harish, which also helps. And then they start discussions with Manan's father, who is very reluctant to accept their story, but they manage to persuade him to come with them. If he is right, they they will be proved wrong, which is the story that they used.
Here, in Diwan mansion, Manan is very confident that nobody will be able to stop him, and that he will manage to marry Kaira and get a stake in the fortune of the family. At the last phera, Aditya screams for everything to stop, and then Manan refuses to admit that the man with them is his father. Some proofs are shown, but Manan even refuses to admit all of these, but finally has to admit that this is his father and he was trying to do this for money. Sheela is shocked, since Manan had also told them that his father had died many years back. And then the police come and take away Manan, with even his own father saying to give him a lot of punishment.
Now, Rubel refuses to accept any responsibility when Anuj mentions that such work should have been done by the brother of Kaira; and both Anuj and Sheela are happy at Pankhuri and Aditya for whatever they have done. 

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