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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Anamika - Rano dies to save Jeet from Anamika

The serial is trying to best to be different. For a few days, the viewers of the serial would have thought that they were in Raaz, where the ghost was doing its best to get the hero (although the hero in this case had not committed adultery, but instead had been drawn in by the magic done by Anamika). But the twist is seen in the current days, where instead of breaking the spell of the witch (actually Anamika is shown as a witch, but since she had died and come back, I am not sure about the difference between a witch and a ghost in this case), the heroine is given a chance to prevent the witch from dragging off her husband by evening, and does so at the cost of her life.
So, things have reached a point where they are very serious. Anamika was able to get hold of Jeet a couple of times, but Rano managed to get back Jeet every time. And then she got married to Jeet in a temple, while being aware that something strange is going on. There is a fog that is seen outside a window and near a tree, and the family dog starts barking outside even though there is nobody there who can be seen. Priests are there to help in the functions, but these priests are killed by Anamika. Anamika uses these priests by getting in them and use their voices to call Rano to different locations.
Anamika also causes a lot of problems to Rano, when she gets inside Rano soon after marriage and causes her to behave strangely. For example, Rano speaks in a harsh way to her mother-in-law when she says something, and soon after marriage, no one would expect their daughter-in-law to speak badly to them, especially somebody you have known for some time. There is some tension between the mother of Rano and Jeet after this. Further, Rano's mother gets a heart attack when she is trying to catch hold of Rano when Anamika is inside her, and then suddenly her hand starts increasing in length till it is very long. In a dance function, Rano starts dancing weirdly, and the next day when Anamika is not there, Rano sees the video of the dance and is shocked to see herself.
Finally Rano takes the help of Shalaka, who acts against these witches and ghosts. She uses her powers to capture a small bit of hair of Anamika and then captures Anamika inside a mirror and buries the mirror in the ground. However, this hair soon goes out of control, and then Shalaka finds that the ground has been disturbed and the mirror is broken with Anamika no longer visible. She is shocked and tells Rano that they will need to do the quest of finding her body in the lake and burn it; now that Anamika has escaped after being trapped, she will be more powerful, and this time she will be able to catch Jeet and they will not be able to prevent this unless they get rid of her body before dusk.
Rano goes to the lake and has managed to find the body, but there is a fight between her and Anamika with Anamika using the weeds to try and prevent Rano from destroying the body, with Rano trying to strike the body with a dagger that will destroy Anamika. In the end, Rano prevents Anamika from being powerful enough to take Jeet, but loses her life in the process.

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