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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Ram manages to win court case, get back property, but not Kush

The serial has suddenly reached a point where the story of Ayesha seems to have been done for now. Ever since Ram had handed over his share of the property to Ayesha when he wanted to end the relationship, she had taken on a high air. She took over control of the property, took over control of the house and the business and then decided what would happen in the house. And she became very arrogant. Even though Ram told her many times that he had just handed over his part of the property and that the rest of the family continued to hold their share, she refused to listen and assumed that she had full control of the house. She refused to let family members enter the business, and after a confrontation when there were some business visitors in the house, she got angry and kicked everybody out of the house. This made Ram very angry since she kicked them all out, including the elders, in the middle of the night without worrying over where they would go.
At the same time, Ram was having problems of his own. He had setup a business in Jaipur, but after rain ruined his end delivery, he was back to square one and then decided to come back to Mumbai after Vikram pushed him to do the same. He and Priya took jobs, but this was not the same thing. Eventually, there was a desire to ensure that Ayesha does not continue to be so arrogant, and that it was time to get everything back from her. He had even scared Ayesha once by telling her that since he had given her everything easily, he could take it back. Even though Ayesha knew that was not so easy, she did get scared. Sid on the other hand kept on helping her, while double-crossing her with other girls at the same time.
Finally, the serial pushed the part in the contract which revealed that if Ayesha decided to get married again, the property would revert back to Ram. So, the aim was to push both Sid and Ayesha for the wedding, pushing the reason that this would help Sid in his quest to show himself as a respectable family man by being married and having a kid. However, after a lot of drama, Ayesha called off the marriage at the last minute by telling everyone that she knew what was going on, and that she knew about the details in the contract as well, and it seemed like Ayesha had out-smarted everyone.
And then a miracle. Sid wanted to turn a new leaf, and called Ram to the jail. There he told Ram that Sid and Ayesha were already married, at a temple when they were drunk, and this was registered in the temple records and there was a witness. This would be good enough to get back the property. So, now the quest is to find the temple records and the witness. There are some obstacles, since they don't know the exact date, and the witness address is not clear. However, they finally manage to find the records and also the witness, who is a pregnant lady with 7th month of pregnancy. She agrees to be a witness although the temple priest turns when Ayesha offers him money.
When they are heading to court, the lady goes into labour and Priya and Neha rush her to hospital. In the meantime, the court gives them 1 hour to find a witness and more proof, and then Priya comes in. She has got a phone with photos and also the recorded testimony of the witness. And the ground falls below Ayesha's feet since the court threatens the temple priest. He turns and tells the truth and then declares that the marriage did happen and everything is now back in Ram's name. However, Ayesha wants to take Kush away, which does shock Ram and the others.

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