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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Amita Ka Amit - Amita changes her outlook towards the relation

Things are not going well in the relation. Amita does not feel like that there is any connectivity in the relationship between them, and this makes her even more negative about the whole aspect. And she is still hiding the fact from her family that Amit will be going to the US on a visa, without her, and for her, this is another example of the distance between them. For her, these distances are increasing even more. Right now, when she is in her parents house for the marriage functions happening there, she feels angry for example when Amit comes home late from office, and while she has told the family that there is some problem at his office and he has to be late, Amit tells people at her home that his car battery broke down and he had to get it repaired. For Amita, this is another example of the distances between them, and because she has not been able to get in touch with Amit during the day, she is feeling even more angry.
When she is finally able to spend more time with him alone, this anger and frustration erupts, and she lets it all  out on Amit. She tells him about what all this will have an impact on her relations with her family since she has not told them about the distances between them, that apparently for now, the marriage is not a happy one, and that she does not even know when she can tell them about him going off to the US. He listens, and when he tries to get a word in, she refuses and tells him that she will do the speaking and he should listen. After some time, he gets angry and leaves from there.
Afterwards, Amits does tell briefly her family about the problems she is having, about how she feels that there is no connection between them, and gets a lot of advice from the senior members of her family. This advice is focused about how relations take a lot of time to establish, that you have to do a lot of cooperation from both sides to make the relation work, and her father tells her that Amit is doing such a lot of work for the marriage of somebody else, he has no doubt that Amit will take good care of his daughter, Amita. This forces Amita to do some thinking, and she starts remembering various examples where Amit was caring towards her. He even once did a fast for her when it was such a occasion, and other examples of his caring. Abruptly, her attitude changes and she starts feeling a deeper feeling of caring and attachment for Amit, and believes that she will be able to make things better.
She starts looking for an opportunity to express her feelings to Amit, but in a crowded house, it is not easy to express such feelings. On the other side, people are able to perceive a change in feelings that Amita has, and while some are happier, others are puzzled, but everybody is associate her actions towards Amit. On the other side, the visa for Amit is going to happen quickly, and this will be a major step for Amita to handle, to build a strong relationship before Amit actually leaves.

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