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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Jalandhar starts being more cunning for fighting against Mahadev

So far Jalandhar has always fought directly against all his enemies and his confidence and abilities has enabled him to overcome all his enemies. However, he is starting to realize that his battle is now with even more powerful people, with the incredibly powerful Mahadev. So far all his discussion with his Guru about Mahadev has only revealed that Mahadev is very powerful indeed, that his guru is also a devotee of Mahadev, and that he is so far seen as somebody who is balanced and not against the asuras directly, somebody who was not against the fight by Jalandhar against Indra.
But, now that Jalandhar is already the king of all the 3 words, he is not able to overcome the thought that there are people who are more powerful than he his, and he continues to try his fight against Mahadev. So, his first direct fight against Mahadev goes against him. Mahadev, with a small thumping of his Trishul, breaks the ground under Jalandhar and Jalandhar falls for a long distance. When he finally hits the ground, he takes a lot of time to get up, obviously deeply impacted by this impact and this first defeat.
Both Shukracharya and Vrinda are very unhappy with the current state of Jalandhar, since he seems almost weak, without any energy. Vrinda has earlier been told by Mahadev that he does not feel that Jalandhar will give up, and things will get even more dangerous for Jalandhar as a result. Now, she goes to Jalandhar in an effort to cheer him up and get him back to his full energy. She persuades him to speak to Shukracharya, and when Jalandhar goes to Shukracharya, Jalandhar asks him to speak as the guru of the Asuras, not as a devotee of Mahadev.
Shukracharya tells him that for defeating Mahadev, it is important to become a devotee of Mahadev, since that will be the weakness of Mahadev. However, Jalandhar says that he can never be a devotee, but is then told that maybe visiting the prime devotee of Mahadev, Parsuram, might be the way forward. Jalandhar is told the life story of Parsuram, how he was the 6th avtar of Lord Vishnu, and how he came into existence and claimed revenge for his father, and how he became a true devotee of Mahadev, and wields the powerful axe.
On the other side, Parvathi is going into the final stages of her Yoga, and Mahadev says that he also needs to be there when this is happening, to guide her during these stages. He asks his sons to stand guard outside the cave and not let anybody enter the cave.

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