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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Discovering that Addu is not who he was supposed to be ..

2 stories going on right now. One is the story about Beera and Navika. The serial shows that almost from the time that Beera saw Navika, he was besotted with her and got a job in the same company as her. He also managed to ensure that he was in the same house as she lives in, by becoming a tenant in the house by offering rent money to Renu, who could never turn down money if it was coming in. Further, he also helped a lot in various stages, since he was the one who helped save her when she was in danger, he was the one who played a key part in the bettering of relations between Mohan and Navika by reminding her that she and Addu were the one who kept on with the concept of Mohan being a step-father, and so on. Even later, he helped out by playing a key role in getting Addu back to the family and getting him better. But, all this time, Navika did not reply back to his sentiments, and it was only right at the end when he tried to make her jealous by stating that another girl Sweety was interested in him, and he was thinking of reciprocating that feeling that she finally realized that she was in love with her. However, when she did tell him about her feelings, he told her that he had got tired of waiting all this time, and that his love for her had disappeared. She was shocked and tried to make him reciprocated, and they seem to have settled it fine for now. However, there is always some doubt about the motives of Beera, since he is playing a goody role, and the serial normally uses such a chance to ensure that at some time in the future, they would show Beera as a villain, who was only doing all this for his family and grandfather, and to ensure that Mohan and Navika would be under pressure from that time onwards.
There is a bigger problem. The family is very happy that Addu has been found and are doing all that they can to ensure that he gets better and there has been no doubt in their minds that this is Addu. However, when he was brought there, there was a conspiracy behind this. This is not the real Addu, and it is now becoming clear to them. Munna has some conspiracy behind all this.
First, Addu was able to eat cutlets made from sabudana, which he was allergic to when he was young, and they are all hesitant about how an allergy can go away. Renu makes a joke about Addu having changed, but that leaves Mohan thinking. He gets his medical file from when he was young, and then takes that to the doctor to compare with the medical file from when they got Addu discharged some time back, and he is told by the Doctor that they are 2 different people, the files are related to 2 different people since they have 2 different blood groups, and a lot of things can change, but the blood group cannot change.

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