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Friday, May 17, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Marriage rituals for Mohit and Emily

The marriage of Mohit and Emily was finally on. After a lot of struggle for acceptance of this marriage, finally everybody had accepted. Due to the struggle in the village (which would have refused to accept a marriage between different castes), Sandhya finally managed to get everybody to agree to the wedding even though there was a lot of drama, and even their life was threatened. Eventually, Maasa was convinced and over-rode any objections Bhabho may have had about this, telling Sandhya that she was to be the one responsible for ensuring that the marriage would happen, and to organize the marriage events.
On the other hand, Meena gave birth to a child, which was a girl, but she managed to swap places with the child born in Daisa's house, which was a boy. This swap happened in a hospital where there was a lot of confusion going on since there were a number of deliveries happening at the same time and the hospital was under-staffed. Ever since then, Meena had been under a lot of pressure, since she feared that her truth would get exposed one time or the other. Even the fact that the child had a much darker complexion that her or her husband was an item of concern for her since others had already pointed this out - however Bhabhasa had managed this by pointing out that his complexion was darker, and hence it could be that the child had got the dark complexion from him.
Now, when people from 2 different regions or castes get married, there is often confusion about the marriage functions, since there could be difference in the customs of the marriage festivities. And when the marriage is between people of different religions, there would be a lot more differences, including the fact that a function would also need to happen in church. Bhabho was in her heart not very happy about this, and Meena was doing her best to stoke the fears of Bhabho in this respect by pointing out that eventually Sandhya would become all powerful, and would actually become a police officer. As a result, Bhabho repeated her internal vow that she would not let Sandhya join the police, and become an officer.
There were a lot of compromises that were happening in the marriage festivities, and the 2 different sets of festivities were very different from each other, but if something failed, then it would be repeated and eventually the festivities were proceeding. A problem for Meena was that one of the nurses from the hospital was also there, and her fear about getting exposed was there; and then she would also see her husband getting friendly with the nurse, which also brought about her jealousy.
Bhabho on the other hand had heard about some liquour chocolates that were there as part of the festivities, and she managed to feed some of them to Sandhya, and Sandhya was starting to feel dizzy because of these.

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