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Friday, May 10, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Finally the truth about Deepali causing trouble out ..

RK is very jealous now about Madhu, and what her intentions are with respect to Sultan. Any contact of Madhu with Sultan is problematic for him, and this will also cause problems for Madhu. Her quest seems to be to take RK to a position where she can finally tell him that the game is over and in a way that he learns that he could not have treated her like this. She does meet Sultan, and this is something which causes problems since if there is a chance of RK getting to know, he will be furious with her and the whole plan will be ruined. Once, when she had met him in a mall, Deepali was there along with Radha, and Deepali was trying her best to ensure that Radha got to see this; however this did not happen and Madhu was saved that time. Madhu had tried to allay the suspicions of RK by deleting the number of Sultan from her phone and also telling RK that she had removed Sultan from her life. She had also once almost jumped off a building when RK had told her to do so, to prove her life, and it was just at the last minute that RK managed to save her and pull her up.
However, when a party is happening, Deepali sees a good chance to again cause problems for Madhu and get RK to be furious at her. She sends out a message to Sultan from Madhu's phone (by planning to ensure that Madhu's phone got missing for some time, and then sending the message from there) and then later uses Sikky to actually give Sultan an invitation card, apparently from Madhu's side.
Predictably, when RK saw Sultan at the party, he was very angry and even more so when he learnt that he had got messages from Madhu to come to the party. He humiliated Madhu at the party, and then dragged her away from there and back to their room, followed by the rest of the family (Radha, Deepali and Sikky). Deepali was of course very happy when she saw this happening, since it meant that her plan was succeeding, and she tried to add more oil to the fire by instigating RK further, which of course did not work since RK would not listen to what he said.
And then Madhu used her brains, trying to determine what time the message was sent to Sultan since she was sure that the message was not sent by here. She looks at the time of the message, and realizes that this was sent at a time when the phone was missing, and reminds RK that she had told him at that time that her phone was missing. He immediately gets suspicious at Deepali, and when Madhu told him that she had collided with Deepali just before her phone got missing, he turned to Sikky and finally got the truth out from him. He was very angry with Deepali, and even though Deepali tried to state her reasons, he told her and Sikky that they should not be in the house after 8 hours, that they are being kicked out of the house.
Deepali did try to stoke more suspicion, raising points about some previous times about why Madhu was apparently meeting Sultan, even at the mall. They show everybody suspicious at Madhu about what had happened.

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