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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Narayan deceived Vrinda

The final confrontation between Jalandhar and Mahadev is coming to a head. The use of a magical weapon by Jalandhar in a quest to reduce the powers of Mahadev has succeeded. Jalandhar was told that Adishakti was the source behind the powers of Mahadev, and that she had not fully remembered her past, and as a result, if she could be prevented from fully regaining her memory, then the power of Mahadev would be reduced. So Jalandhar decides to use the magical weapon against Parvathi and takes her into a illusionary world where nobody can come and get her. When he gets Shukracharya over there, his guru is astounded at what he has done and realizes that the only way to get Mahadev to cool down is by returning Parvathi. However, Jalandhar prevents from doing so, and also tells him that he is right now behaving as a devotee of Mahadev rather than as the guru of the asuras. Shukracharya reminds him of his past, and moves away from him, a sort of break, since he is no longer listening to what Shukracharya has to say.
When Jalandhar gets back to his palace, he finds that Vrinda is also cut up with him, not speaking properly to him. He tells her that all this was being done for her, and although she tells him that all of this was being done for their future, she is afraid of what all he is doing. She also implored him to be there for the final prayer session, where the prayer session will make him immortal and nobody can defeat him. However, even though he tells her that he will return, she is not sure whether he will be there or not.
In the battle, Karthikeyan is astounded that Ymaraj will fight on the side of Jalandhar against Mahadev and decides to fight against him. Yamraj mocks him, and then with this breath, knocks down all the other people on the battlefield, but is not able to have any impact on Karthikeyan. Finally Karthikeyan defeats Yamraj and  pierces his skin with his weapon.
Ganesh is trying to wake up his father, and when Mahadev gets to know that Jalandhar has taken away Parvathi, he is incredibly angry with lava flowing everywhere and the world is again in danger. The others are worried about this, but Narayan promises that Parvathi will take care of this, and she does so, in her world, by pouring water on a statue representing Mahadev, thus cooling off his anger.
When Vrinda is on the stage of doing the final prayer in her palace, she sees Jalandhar coming there, and she is very happy. He does the prayer along with her, and when she is about to apply the tilak on his forehead, she realizes that there is a sudden dissipation of energy and that the person in front of her is not Jalandhar, and this act causes the protection shield against Jalandhar to fail. There was deceit, and she will curse Narayan for appearing in the form of Jalandhar, but he is Lord Vishnu and will overcome all such curses.

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