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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Amita ka Amit - The issue over the important file

Things are not going right for Amita right now. She has discovered that she is in love with Amit, but is not able to explain this to Amit and is not at all sure about what Amit feels. In fact, things seem to be going the other way. The complication is with the presence of Rohan - Ria - Tina in the house, who are very jealous of Amit and want to ensure that he falls down in the views of his father, which will give a lot more opportunity for Rohan to handle more of the business. And since they are also family members, no one can really believe that something like this can happen, which gives them the ability to hide their views from the others in the family.
So, the head of the family, Kirath has given an important file to Amit to handle. The file is that of an important client, and it is important to bring the file out when they have a meeting with the client. Tina sees this as a good opportunity to bring down Amit which will increase the chances of Rohan. So, they decide to try a tactic. In the meantime, Amita is under the influence of feng-shui and making a lot of changes to the room so that things will improve. She adds more stuff to the room such as a wind-chime, a bowl with a gold fish, incense and other such stuff. Amit is shocked when he sees all this and tells her that he does not believe all this, and to ensure that all this is removed the next day.
However, Amita is happy that something is working, since Amit is not able to sleep at night with the noise of the wind chime coming very close to where he was sleeping (not in the bed) and finally comes to the bed to sleep, which makes Amita happy. Another event happens where Amita is about to fall down when she is doing something on the new stuff that she has put in for feng-shui, and Amit comes and catches her, which also makes her happy. However, it is by keeping her busy in feng shui that Ria is able to take the file out and keep it in their room. When Amit is not able to find the file, he gets very angry and blames her for moving everything around in the house and is worried that his dad will consider him irresponsible.
Amita searches the whole house, except for the room of Tina, and is not able to find the file. She finally gets a ruse to search the room, and then is able to open the almirah and see the file, but then Tina gets on top of her and prevents her from searching the room further. Finally, a lot of drama happens and Falguni also gets called, but by then the file has been removed from the almirah and kept elsewhere in the house, in a dustbin.
While Amita is throwing something in the dustbin, she sees the file, and Tina uses that moment to get everybody there and tell them that Amita had thrown the file by mistake in the dustbin and accused other people of the same. Amit is not there at that time, but his father is there, and when Amita comes back to the room, Amit further scolds her of making false accusations against family members, and says that when she has only been there for 18 years, when should he believe her word against family members.

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