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Friday, May 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Priya wants to leave Ram, he gets shocked

The reaction on his face was so funny. He knows that here is some problem with Priya, especially when she does not pick up his calls when he was not able to pick her call. Priya is getting more and more angry at Ram because she believes that he is getting more and more interested in Isha (after all, she was his college crush and he seems to be showing her a lot of attention even now). But, Ram is oblivious to most of this, and in fact, one reason why he is apparently getting closer to Isha is because he plans to have a complete medical test, and does not want to tell Priya since he does not her want to get upset or worried about whatever be the result, and Isha is there when the Doctor came to meet him.
Priya is showing a thorough jealous face, and there are a number of factors that are causing an increase in this jealous nature. She hears Ram talking to Vikram late at night, where he apparently says that maybe the baby coming at this stage of life is a mistake, and for her, this statement is a huge problem. She cannot understand as to why he thinks something like that. Further, she is not able to get in touch with Ram, while when Pihu calls up the office, the phone is picked up by Isha, who tells Pihu that her dad is busy. Pihu tells this to Priya, which makes her even more angry, and compounds everything else, since she starts believing that Mr. Kapoor is doing something strange behind her back.
So, she has packed all her bags, and when Ram comes back from the office, he does not immediately notice the packed suitcase and then when he notices it, he is shocked. First he thinks that they had to go somewhere and he forgot about it, but she soon tells him that she is going back to her parents house, and now he can do whatever he wants. She also tells him that she heard about him calling the baby a mistake, and that it was something dreadful to call the baby. He tries to explain to her, but she, as usual, does not listen to what he says and keeps on telling him about everything he does, and so on. Finally she tells him that maybe he felt the marriage itself is a mistake, and that is when he explodes and tells her to stop speaking, that she has no idea of what she is saying. Finally she shuts up.
And then when Pihu comes there, she accuses both of them of trying to leave each other, of arguing with each other, and so on. Finally Pihu locks the door from outside and says she will not open the door until they have resolved the argument, and then their mother also comes there and agrees with Pihu.
On the other hand, Karthik runs into Jhanvi in his own house, and goes to her; she refuses to listen to what he has to say, and she asks him to leave the house and not have any contact with her or their baby from now on.

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