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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Shiv and Anandi gone for a honeymoon in Kashmir

After quite some time, the serial is showing a honeymoon for Shiva and Anandi. They have gone to Kashmir for their honeymoon, and as usual, the beauty of Srinagar and the other places in Kashmir is incredible. Since they are out of the house, Anandi has jettisoned her usual conservative sense of dressing and is without a pallu when outside. They come out from Srinagar airport and meet a guide who promises to arrange things for them. This guide is Adbul.
They head for the Dal Lake and go for a shikara ride in the lake, and the journey is as beautiful as it can be. Both of them are very happy and Shiv teases Anandi when she wished that Dadisa was also here. Shiv asks her whether all their families should also be here ? It is after all their honeymoon and it is only right for them to get some privacy for their families, away from all of them.
They are having fun, taking part in the festivities and cultural events that happen, including throwing snow at each other. And the serial then adds a bit of drama, with somebody taking their photos from a distance. Is this going to be a re-doing of a terrorist element such as Roja, or will it be somebody noticing them and deciding to take photos of them, but without a sinister angle ?
On the other hand, Jagya is in Udaipur where Shiv's family lives, for a conference, important for his hospital. Ever since he took care of Sanchi when she had got hurt, she was impressed by him, and seems to be in love with him. She had even scolded Ganga when Ganga got in the way of Shiv paying attention to Sanchi. So, Sanchi is happy when she runs into Jagya again in Udaipur and learns about why he is there. When he comes to their home, he learns that Shiv and Anandi have gone for their honeymoon, and is sad to hear about this. He is invited to stay at their home, but refuses since the conference center is close to their hotel.
Sanchi gets even more impressed by him when they are going together and some guys try to act fresh with her, handling them in a way that impresses her. He prevents physical action and handles them in a way that makes her very impressed.
They spend some more time together, since Sanchi needs to buy something, and Jagya wants to buy something for his family. She gets even more impressed by his care for his family. The question now is - they are showing some closeness with Ganga as well, and here Sanchi is also getting more and more impressed with Jagya, and they are looking for a wife for him. Who will it be will be an interesting question for the viewers of the serial.

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