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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Simar finds Roli, but she does not really remember Simar

Like any other serial, the drama in any serial comes about because of suddenly making the serial go through twists and turns. In the case of the serial, it was because of the disappearance of Roli (who was presumed dead) and the appearance of Naina. Naina had framed Siddharth as if they had intimate relations and because of those relations, Naina now has a baby growing within her which belongs to Sid, and because of which, the baby is a Bhardwaj. Sid has been roundly berated by everyone, for a situation which happened when he was drunk, and because of which he believes that something has happened with Naina.
Because of the belief that Roli is dead, there is an understanding developing in the household that the marriage between Sid and Roli should happen so that the baby can get respect and protection. Khushi is the person behind all this, driving Naina to take various actions and also working within the house to ensure that the family starts working with Naina.
In the meantime Roli was in hospital with memory loss, with Veeru around. He wants to ensure that her family does not get to know that she was in hospital and alive, and as a result, tries to convince her that she and Veeru are together, continuing to make this effort. Finally, Roli agrees to this and leaves with Roli.
Simar in the meantime wants to try and find Roli and wants to do so before the wedding of Naina and Sid, since that would cause huge problems. Veeru in the meantime has told Roli that the memories of Simar that she is because Simar is her sister-in-law and is part of the plan to kill her.
Finally Simar manages to reach to where Roli is, and acts as one who applies mehendi to get inside the house and comes in front of Roli. However, Roli recognizes her but remembers that Veeru told her that Simar was trying to kill and her and screams. Simar tries to convince her, but Roli does not remember. Veeru searches for Simar after this, but is unable to find her.
Simar calls back home and tells them that she has found Roli, and this stops the marriage plans of Sid and Naina, although the question about the baby continues. The baby is continued to be offered full protection and responsibility. But when Simar and the rest of the family reach the house, the house is locked since Veeru has managed to take Roli from there.

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