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Monday, April 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Onir in deep trouble, his medical license cancelled by the court

Hindi Serials typically follow a principle where if you are doing a good deed, then you are in deep trouble. People don't understand what you are doing, and the makers of the serial believe that the serial succeeds only when they show deep pain, when they show people struggling, and so on. So it goes in this serial. The name of the serial is nothing like the nature of the relationships anymore. The name of the serial depicts a sacred relationship, while the relationships shown in the serial are mostly very much on the other side of sacred. There is a man forced to marry one girl while he loves another girl, and it turned out that he has a physical relationship with another girl, and now he is going to have children with both of them. The child he was having with his wife dies, and so the other girl decides to hand over her child to them, but without telling them that she is doing this. A son-in-law of the family is running an organ stealing racket and gets into a dispute with them, and then sees CCTV footage of the baby swap and figures out that he can use this to get his revenge. And so on .. this is what all that is happening in Pavitra Rishta. Maybe time for this serial to come to an end ?
Ever since Ovi learnt that the child was actually Arjun's and Purvi's and told everybody about the same, she was shocked and decided to leave Arjun (why she could not do this earlier when she knew about the intense love between Arjun and Purvi earlier is not clear). She now refuses to come back.
On the other hand, the revelation about the movement of Pari to Ovi had brought problems back to Onir and Purvi, and they are now embroiled in a court case about the same. Mittal, who badly wants his revenge, has decided to use this to get back his honor and prestige and gets Onir into a court case for the same. Soham is now defending Onir, but realizes that for this, he needs to get Arjun to come to court and defend whatever Onir had done, and this would make a deep impact on the case.
Arjun agrees, but is unable to get to court quickly enough, and the case gets decided by the judge, who orders that the decision of the court is to cancel the medical license of Onir for all time. This is a big shock for Onir, although Purvi is standing by Onir all the time. Mittal and Punni are happy over what happens and Manju blames Onir for whatever has happened although Sulochana still stands up for her. Manav is confused about whom to support, since he had also promised Purvi that she could call on him like a real father.

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