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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ayesha catches Sid with a girl at a party, tells him she is breaking up ..

The serial seems like a movie right now, where Ram and Priya are depending on the marriage of Sid and Ayesha to take place, since that will cause the house and the rest of Ram's fortune to come back to Ram. So they are trying a set of cunning tactics to ensure that both of them move towards the marriage while not feeling that they are under pressure to get this marriage done. At the same time, Sid is very suspicious about why there is a change in Ram's attitude towards him, and cannot understand. He wants to know more about why things are moving in the way they are.
So, Ram decides to show Sid something which will try and handle some of this suspicion, yet not learning the truth at all. As a part of that, he acts a bit suspiciously in the office, discussing seriously when Sid is not there in the office, and seemingly hiding a file. Vikram also plays an active part in this process, conspiring along with Ram. Finally, Sid does manage to get hold of the file, only to see something which Ram was intending to show him. This says that the property would be turned over only to Ayesha and not Sid. Sid is very angry at this one, since he cannot understand why the property does not come over to him, and Ram explains to him that this contract was done before Sid was there in the scene, only to ensure that the property does not go away from Ayesha. This settles Sid for a little while, but he remains very suspicious.
The family is also trying the police of divide and rule, seeing that Mamaji also provides a lot of advice to both Sid and Ayesha, and hence it was necessary to remove the very close relationship. So, since they are seeing that Ayesha is a bit stingy with spending money on anybody else, they work on 2 aspects related to Mamaji. First, the Rs. 10 lakh bill run up by Mamaji on his clothing is thrown towards Ayesha, making her feel the pain of paying this bill, and she even raises the same issue with Sid, who dismisses it angrily. Further, Priya talks to Mamaji in a way that both Sid and Ayesha get suspicious about what is happening, with the concept of whether the money that is deposited in Mamaji's account is because Mamaji is playing a double role. Mamaji is very angry at all this, and goes to Ayesha to return her the Rs. 10 lakh.
Now, they decide to give a party to Sid, a bachelor party and hook him up with a girl at the party. This will be recorded to give them more things to hold over sid, but then Ayesha turns up over their and is very angry at Sid about what he is doing behind her back. Ram and Priya try to handle the situation, but Ayesha is very angry.

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