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Monday, April 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Trying to get Asad to finally decide on his marriage

The serial has been showing a long series of episodes about the possibility of a relationship between Asad and Zoya. They have been showing to have an on-off relationship for quite some time, with Asad being a very serious person, while Zoya not being so serious. For quite some time, Zoya has realized that she is in love with Asad and is perfectly fine to have a relationship with him, but Asad has always been hesitant about this. The serial has also played on this hesitancy, and whenever they have shown him to make some sort of commitment, they have followed this with a disclaimer from him that he is not doing this out of his own interest, rather doing this because of the wishes of his mother.
So, the time period for the visa of Zoya has experienced, and an official is after her so that she should leave. Once, after hearing the comments from Asad in her computer, Zoya decides not to leave. However, Tanveer wants revenge against Razia, and for this purpose, she wants to ensure that she will get married to Asad. Asad is a rich man, he knows her for a long time, and with her cunning nature, once she gets rich, she will be able to extract all the revenge against Razia that she wants.
So, Tanveer will do whatever it takes to remove Zoya from her path. And the simplest route is to get her deported from the country. Once deported, it will be very difficult for Zoya to get a visa again for quite some time, and this will ensure that the path will be totally free for Tanveer. So she decides to provide information to the home ministry officials so that they know that her visa has expired and she is not leaving the country. So, whenever Dilshad, Zoya or Asad claim that Zoya is engaged to Asad, so that there is less danger of her being deported, Tanveer is the one who calls up the home ministry officials to tell them the truth and they see through it all.
Finally comes a time when the police along with the official come and want to take her away, which is when finally Asad makes a move. He chases after her at the airport and like a movie scene, while fighting through the security, finally manages to place a ring on Zoya's hands and then they are let to go. The official warns Asad that somebody is calling up to tell him the truth from time to time, so he should be careful.
In the other household, Tanveer had caused a box of sweets provided by Zoya to be full of poison, and when Humeria eats these, she falls seriously ill. She is now in hospital, where Razia starts making allegations against Babi Bi, and she slaps Razia, telling her to come back to her senses and care about her daughter rather than making wild allegations.

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