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Monday, April 8, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Pankhuri joins as caretaker of the Diwan house

The serial is going from bad to worse, with the storyline being totally unrealistic. In reality, in life, there are people who are more evil or less evil, and even in the Geeta, it says that when somebody is behaving badly, it is your responsibility to ensure that these people get their just deserts. If you don't say anything to them and  let them do what you want, then you are equally guilty and shirking your duty. In the serial, ever since Avantika backed down up Atul's demand and handed over all signing powers to him, their family has been going through a total downturn. It is great to say that you want to stay with your husband and make your own destiny rather than take from your father, but it is a very regressive talk. For any person, it is their right to get what their father has created, whether you be a son or daughter. However, the serial has totally gone off this track, and presented a picture where when a daughter reconciles with her husband, she rejects everything that her father has given. Further, when you are running a company where your customers and employees work and depend on the company, it is sheer irresponsibility to hand over the running of the company to something who is not at all suitable. Even worse, you are leaving your father in the hands of people who are ruthless, and who can do anything to get what they want.
So, as part of their plan to get total control of the house, Sheela and Rubel do further planning. They do not like the presence of Shanky in the house, since he is somebody who keeps on reminding them about how things were better in the past, and is likely to not follow what you say, and hence they get Shanky kicked out of the house. And Nanaji, behaving like how Neville Chamberlain totally gave into Hitler, has only one aim; even though he keeps on threatening that he is still the owner and can make things right, keeps on giving into what Anuj and Sheela wanted, and keeps on asking them for more pain under which he will not buckle. They have already done whatever they wanted, kicked out everybody else from the house, done things in the house that he would not have liked, and yet everybody let them do what they wanted.
Finally, somebody good in the family came. Kaira, the daughter of Sheela, and who is apparently on the good side, was tasked with appointing a caretaker for the house, and through a chance, finally ended up appointing Pankhuri as the caretaker of the house. Nanaji was shocked at this, since he is sure that nobody in the house will like it, and Rubel will literally almost torture her until she decides to leave. And then when Rubel comes in, a side of him is excited, since this is the way for him to do a full round of torture of Pankhuri until he has got his revenge and she leaves. And of course, since Adi does not know, with his temper, he will literally erupt.

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