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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - RK has taken Madhu by force, and even locked her with a chain

The serial is trying to justify the name of the serial, Ek Ishq and ek Junoon, by showing the Junoon part on the part of RK. Ever since he dumped Madhu, he is forever claiming that he did the right thing for his ego, since he needed to take revenge. However, this is not working out right for him since he does love her, and hence her missing from his life is shaking him up. At the same time, for Madhu, although she had come to love him passionately, the revenge that he had taken on her had shocked her enough that she wants to move on with life, with the same feeling being true for Padmini and Trishna. They no longer want her to have anything to with him, since they don't want her to get into the same pain as before. It is only Radha and Bittoji who know what RK is feeling and how Madhu was the one who was right for him.
Things get more problematic for RK when Madhu comes into contact with Aryan and his father Sultan. There is a lot of attachment between Madhu and Aryan, and since RK cannot see who is on the other side, he is shocked by the thought that Madhu may be having an affair with somebody and taunts her on a number of occasions on this, even humiliating her in front of other people. When he literally forces her to tell him the truth, she tells him about Aryan and Sultan, but RK is not sure about whether to believe her or not.
On the occasion of Holi, he comes to her house with the intention of being the first one to apply Holi to her, but is shocked when she suddenly darts away and applies Holi to the face of Sultan, seemingly like a lover would. RK leaves from there and is shocked about what has happened, but cannot forget this. Madhu however had done this since she had seen the enemies of Sultan coming there, ready to kill him, and this was a plan to disguise him. In fact, during the attack, she even picks up the gun and would have been all ready to attack Bhujang, but he manages to run away, and then she answers the questions of the people of the chawl, using their past experience to explain that she did what she did because of humanity.
Now, RK is unable to forget what happened, and literally drags Madhu back to his mansion. He wants her to forget what has happened, he is ready to make amends, but the way that he does is by confining her and preventing her from leaving. He asks for forgiveness, but she is very angry. He locks her up in a chain (she realizes this when she gets up in the morning and finds herself chained up) until she can tell him about why she applied color to somebody else and she does tell him the reason behind why she does so. Her mother is pretty frantic by now, and Madhu lies to her about why she is in RK's mansion so that Padmini will stop worrying. But when RK asks her to feel in her heart, she tells him that his actions caused her heart to break, and there is no heart left. On the other hand, Dipali is upto her usual antics, although now Madhu does not care about what she is doing. What else will RK do so that Madhu can forgive him ? (the action behind RK locking up Madhu in a chain is not something that is great for women's rights, so somebody needs to figure out whether such scenes should be allowed on TV).

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