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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Shivji in next mode of getting memory back to Parvathi, doing his Tandav

As happens in the serial, there are 2 stories ongoing. Both these stories are taking a fair amount of time, with many episodes gone by already. One story deals with the memory loss of Parvathi where she goes back to before she was attracted to Mahadev and has no recollection of her marriage, her sons, no memory at all. In fact, they show her as seeing Mahadev in his form, and she cannot recollect who he is. On the other side is the story of Jalandhar, who has become the lord of the Asuras, and what he is doing in order to get his revenge on the Devas and on Indira.
Slowly, step by step, Mahadev is taking Goddess Parvathi through the steps needed for her to get her memory back. This is a multi-level course, whereby both Mahadev and Parvathi have to do a number of stages for her to get her memory back. So far the quest has been successful, in the sense that the initial stages have been reached, and they have managed to get there. However, things are getting more complicated. There is a blockage caused in one of the stages, where Avidya's Daitya Apasmar is stopping her. He is responsible for this current problem, but he cannot be killed since that will mean the loss of memories; instead he needs to be controlled. When Mahadev reaches him, he denies any support, and so the viewers are shown the Tandav dance of Mahadev.
On the other hand, Jalandhar has taken over control of the Asuras, and when this is objected to, he defeats the Asura who objected, and when he is struck by a weapon, the wound quickly heals. Now, Jalandhar is doing an inventory of the riches of the Asura kingdom, and is told that there is no money available. On further investigation, he is told that the Devas tricked the Asuras during the Samundra Manthan, and took all the gems leaving nothing for the Asuras. Jalandhar sends a messenger to Indira asking for the return of the gems to the Samundra dev, from where Jalandhar will take those gems.
Indira denies this, and reminds the messenger that he was humiliated by Jalandhar, and instead hands him a weapon that would render Jalandhar unconscious. Jalandhar manages to prevent this attack, but is still stuck by the weapon and starts sinking into unconsciousness. He calls for the vaidya for help, and finds that Kalnemi's daughter Vrinda has come as the Vaidya. Jalandhar is now sinking while she is trying to help him and finally she does manage to get him out of this illness.
Jalandhar is getting ready again, and Shukracharya is now trying to persuade him to get married, since this marriage will help in protecting him.

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