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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Vritrasur is dead, killed by Lord Indira

The main mission of the battle right now is to kill Vritrasur, since he has become an unbeatable force. Given the boon given to him by Brahma, where he cannot be killed by any weapon made out of metal, wood, or mud, he has converted himself into a force that is defeating and killing the Devas. Indira knows that if this continues, the battle will be over and he will lose his throne, and that too even without Jalandhar coming into the battlefield. So, Indira knows the battle can only be won if a weapon is manufactured using the ashes of sage Dhatichi, and he is itching for this to happen.
The events happen exactly this way, with the sage going into a cave and taking death willingly. His body is converted into ashes, and Indira directs Vishwakarma to convert those into weapons which will be used for the killing. Once the weapon is made, Indira comes to Mahadev to see who will actually use the weapon on the asura Vritrasur, since for that, somebody needs to come close to him and actually strike him with that weapon.
Mahadev calls his son Karthikeyan for this task, saying that Karthikeyan will do the actual battle with Vritrasur, while it will be Indira's task to actually use the weapon. So Karthikeyan steps into the battle, and Jalandhar is very surprised as to how the Devas are actually having a child lead them, and is more and more convinced that using Vritrasur was a master-stroke, since he cannot be defeated. He has forgotten that there can be loopholes in any boon and has started believing that the asura leader is invincible and will win the battle.
On the other hand, when Vritrasur converts himself into a cloud that starts throwing arrows, Karthikeyan is able to show his prowess and stop any of those arrows from causing any further damage. In fact, he is able to show a lot of capabilities, and it is at such a time when he is in battle with Vritrasur and the asura is busy, Indira sees his chance and uses the weapon on the asura from the back. The asura falls down, and Jalandhar is very angry. However, the battle is over the day, and it is not only Jalandhar who is angry, Karthikeyan is also very angry about this attack by Indira that was done from behind the back. Indira on the other hand does not care, since he has manged to get the asura killed.
Now, Jalandhar is curious about how the weapon was constructed, and is shocked to hear that a sage gave up his life willingly, and that too because of the devotion of the sage to his guru. He does not know about Mahadev and starts learning about Mahadev and his capabilities.

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