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Friday, April 26, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saraswatichandra - The almost relationship between Saras and Kumud

The serial is fairly popular right now, but it gets a bit impatient to watch when it is coming on TV. It can seem very slow indeed to watch, given the speed at which events happen, and how everything seems to be going round and round. There was almost going to be a lot of bitterness in the serial when Guman planned to get Saras put in jail, an event that galvanized Kumud into action and she finally managed to get him out of jail just when Guman was raising a furore over what had happened. She managed to catch Yash and get him to admit that he was responsible for what had happened, even though Yash was not exactly agreeable to admit to all this.
Ever since then, the relation between Saran and Kumud has been a question mark. It is clear to everybody that there is no longer an engagement between Saras and Kumud, and so there are questions about why Kumud is spending so much time with him. Further, there was a time when both Kumud and Sarad has gone to the city, and were late in coming back. As a result, Guman raised questions about all this, indirectly hinting that this closeness between Kumud and Saras was inappropriate. But this was quickly nipped in the bug, since Vidya Chatur has full belief in his daughter and will not hear any words spoken against her.
Kumud still has a lot of anger against Saras, and tells him that she wants him to keep a distance of 4 feet from her at all times, leading to some comical scenes as well. For example, when they need to go look at land for a school, the bus is crowded and so they sit on the roof of the bus. Yet, on the roof, they sit separate from each other because of this need for distance. An old lady scolds them about behaving like when they are already married to each other.
Kumud also learns a lot more about Kumud, when Dugba comes into the house and tells about how Saras no longer believes in relationships, and as a result, he sees no need for marriage. She already knows about the way his mother died, and how this would impact him. So, now she promises Dugba that she will bring Saras out from his sadness and make him a better man. And then, a friend of Saras also arrives there, Sunny.
To the shock of Guman, Saras introduces Dubga to Sunny as the lady who brought him up, while actually Guman is his foster mother. Sunny already knows about Kumud and soon gets to meet her. They bond to some extent, both understanding each other.
Sunny is bringing some amount of excitement into the life of the haveli, and this also promises to bring about some improvement in the overall mood of Saras. That is the quest of Kumud as well.

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