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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke - Engagement plans of Gunjan happening, Charu getting trapped

In this serial, the jailing of Mayank and his parents by Charu has had a major impact. Gunjan knows that Charu blames the presence of Gunjan in the house and in Mayank's family for everything that has gone wrong, for the fact that Mayank does not seem interested in her; and when Mayank and his parents were jailed, Charu told Gunjan that this was one of the reasons. This inspires Gunjan to decide to get engaged and eventually married when her father asks her and shows her the resumes of some boys. She agrees to get married to Aditya, which will leave 2 gentlemen in the lurch. This will be Mayank, and Rajeev, who is the coach in college. So, now there are actually 3 gentlemen in the race for Gunjan, one declared leader - Aditya who is going to be her fiancee; Mayank, who is married to Charu; and Rajeev who is the coach in college and who seems to be the one who is most unlikely to admit to anything.
Now, Rachna is going around distributing cards to everybody in college. When Vihaan sees this, he is shocked since he cannot understand as to how Rachna can get married to somebody else (forget the part where he had tried to deceive her when he was finally unmasked by Gunjan). He gets down on his knees, and embarrasses her in front of everybody in the college, until he understand that this was for Gunjan, not for Rachna. The card has still not been distributed to Rajeev though.
Aditya is now getting ready for the functions; and he asks Mayank for help (which is pretty shocking for Mayank since he is very upset by this plan for Gunjan's marriage, and cannot understand how she can get married). He tried to evade this, but Aditya pushes him for this part, and he finally agrees. When Gunjan overhears this, she confronts him about why he wants to do this, but he tells her that he is doing this since she is a friend, and he would like to do this. She in turn, when asked later, says that she is not upset, and says that she is happy with the upcoming marriage and only nervous about the marriage.
In the meantime, Charu is dealing with the shocks of somebody torturing her. She had got everybody put in jail, and is now suffering when somebody starts sending her evidence of all the wrong-doings that she had done. She is sent photos that expose what she had done, has been called to a deserted place where she is given another photo. This is making her very nervous, since getting exposed to whatever she had done would cause her lots of problems. And who is behind all this ? It is Mayank and Rachna, both of whom hated what Charu had done to their families and are now slowly ensuring that Charu will get so spooked that she will admit on her own as to what had happened.

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