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Friday, April 12, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Trying to get Ayesha and Sid to marry

The serial has suddenly gone into a very strange mode. For some time now, the serial has shown both Ram and Priya in a mode where they are together and very happy over that part, but otherwise their life was going through strange times. They had lost all their property (or rather it was donated by Ram to Ayesha so that she would walk away from the marriage and leave him free to be back together with Priya). But this also meant that they were no longer rich, could not afford stuff such as spending to send Pihu to a good school, and so on. Further, since they had such a pride, it was difficult for them to accept help from even their closest friends (which was very odd for me, since if I was in such a state, or a friend was in such a state, I would expect that very close friends would be the ones who would help).
And things got even bad after that, since they were now working for a company where their boss was an old enemy Ashwin, who left no chance to get back at them. However, this was soon overcome, since Ashwin did the unexpected step of taking a report that Ram had created and presenting it as his own. Priya has anyhow been shown to be outspoken, so she went in front of a number of investors and pointed out that Ashwin had used Ram's proposal, and this left the investors the knowledge that The Ram Kapoor was in their company. They immediately elevated him to a position where he was the senior of Ashwin, but Ram did not take any revenge back, and rejected his resignation.
On the personal side, Saumya and Natasha had figured out that Ayesha was pregnant even though she tried to throw them off, and soon combined this with the fact that Ayesha was apparently seeing somebody in a nearby chawl. Ram and Priya reached there and found that it was Sid (who was on the run from the police for 5 years). They turned him into the police, but Sid managed to run away from their office. However, Mamaji and he over-played their hand in trying to be clever and decided to seek help from Pihu (also with the thought that the police would not be looking for Sid over there). But, this was seen by Priya, and eventually Ram landed there soon after Pihu; but this time, instead of letting Sid run away, Ram decided to appear in a new leaf and be all brotherly, by telling sid that he would turn him to the police and then get him out on bail. In doing so, Ram wanted to get the trust of Sid and Ayesha, and also wanted to start manipulating events the way he wanted rather than wait for Sid and Ayesha to do as they liked.
So the plan is to ensure that Sid and Ayesha get married, since in a clause in the contract, Ayesha's rights over the property would revert back to Ram if she did get married, even if this was to Sid. But the idea was to get them to do this (and one way was to show to Sid that legal advice for resolving the case would be to show him as a settled family man, and for that, he would need to be married). Sid is not very comfortable with the idea of getting married, which irritates Ayesha.
Also, the serial is showing more happiness in the marriage of Ram and Priya, since she is shown as pregnant, with Ram being the protective husband and even their family trying to ensure that Priya does not exert herself too much.

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