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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Savitri - Savitri learning more about where Satya is ...

Savitri is a fantasy serial that has recently started appearing on Life OK starting on the 18th of Feb 2013. The serial stars the pair of Riddhi Dogra and Yash Pandit as the main lead, starring as Savitri and Satyavan. The serial showcases the story of the love of Savitri for her husband Satya, with this love story exiting for thousands of years (or rather, the story having started thousands of years back and then resuming in another birth that has only happened recently).
Savitri and Satyavan were in love with each other in ancient times, with Rajkumari Damyanti, who is in love with her senapati, Veer. However, the evil monster, Rahukaal is also in love with her, and cannot stand that she is in love with somebody else. He tricks Veer after calling him for a battle, and kills him. However, when Damyanti learns about this, she kills Rahukaal and splits his body into 52 pieces that are scattered all over. Rahukaal's sister, Goolika, who is also powerful remains alive for this time, waiting for when Damyanti and Veer will be re-born, since this will also cause the re-emergence of Rahukaal.
Cut to recent times. It is the year 1990, and they are re-born, in the form of Savitri and Satyavan. They come into contact with each other, and fall for each other, cutting to the year 2013. Savitri gets premonitions of what is happening, and is hesitant to get married to Satyavan, but when he threatens, she finally decides to get married to him, even though she wants to maintain a distance. She is now integrated to some extent with his family, since they all accept her easily.
They go for their honeymoon to the Andaman Islands, which is pretty close to the place where Rahukaal and Goolika are now there. By this time Rahukaal has managed to come back, but with only his head, since the other pieces have to be integrated back into him, and he will need help for that. Goolika is helping him in this process, but not fully, although he is still more powerful than her, and has powers in the real world even though he has only his head.
Savitri feels something strange in the area and wants to come back, and manages to persuade Satya to come back. With their friend Dev, they are close to coming back, having made the arrangements. At the same time, there is a powerful storm, and Savitri goes to the local tribal people, who know of the legend of Damyanti and how she stopped a powerful demon, and they recognize her as the same. She tells Satya of the overall story, but he refuses to believe her, although they do start to come back. In the meantime, Rahukaal is told that he is in danger if he tries to touch Savitri, and decides to play a trick where Satya will be presumed dead, but will still be alive.
So, when Satya and Veer are going in a jeep for some formalities, Satya is kidnapped from there by Goolika, and brought to their area. Rahukaal learns this and demands access to Satya. Dev is in hospital and when he gets up, he asks for Satya but the police tell him that there was no one else there, the same thing that they told Savitri. His family finally believes that Satya is now dead, although Savitri refuses to accept this, and slowly starts getting more leads.
Rahukaal in the meantime intercepts Dev, and is unhurt by all the bullets fired at him, and tells Dev that he will be killed for the crime of touching Savitri and throws him around the place, and Dev finally dies. In the meantime, Goolika comes to Savitri and tells her that Satya will die unless she finds the various parts of Rahukaal's body that he had dispersed.

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