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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Mahadev testing Parvathi, Jalandhar growing up

As usual, there are typically 2 stories ongoing in the serial right now. One of the stories deals with the amnesia that Parvathi has suffered because of which she has no recollection of her marriage to Mahadev and the children she has. At the same time, there is another story that deals with the emergence of Jalandhar, who was formed out of the emergence of the fire from Shiva's third eye during the short battle he had with Indira (obviously when the third eye opened, there was no chance for Lord Indira and he begged for his forgiveness). Jalandhar was adopted by Matsakanya (since he was born in the water) under the case of the Lord of the Sea, Samudra Dev. He grew up to be a young boy, although it was clear to Lord Indra that here was another power who could threaten his kingdom. So Indira came to challenge the young Jalandhar, but it soon became clear that no amount of threatening Jalandhar could scare him. Finally Indra launched his weapon against Jalandhar, at which Matsyakanya got in the way of the weapon and died due to the impact of the weapon. Before dying, she implored him to get into the safety of the waters, and when Jalandhar came out of the water again, he could see that his mother had died, something which made him very angry.
On the other side, there was the growing quest to get the memory of Parvathi back, an effort on which her husband and the sons were fully involved. Mahadev had already warned that this will be a tough effort and will take hard work from everyone, and Narayanan had told her parents that it was only Mahadev and her sons who could bring back her memory, not anybody else. So Mahadev started an effort to get Parvathi to dig into her feelings and see what she could remember. When Parvathi was heading to offer prayers to Narayanan, Mahadev appeared in front of her in the form of a sadhu and asked her a series of tough questions in the form of her feelings, questions which confused her and also made her almost angry to some extent. This continued and then she returned back to the palace, confused by these questions.
After this, Mahadev came to her parents and told them not to try to help her clear any of her questions, that she has to get answers on her own. Ganesh was dispatched to the palace to talk to her, and he talked about his guru who was very learned and who would help her get questions. This started a back and forth where Parvathi was ready to take Mahadev as a guru, but wanted him to come to the palace to provide her instructions; while Shiva told Ganesh to firmly deny that, that Mahadev would not come to the palace, that she was expected to come to the forest. The idea was that Parvathi had to go through a series of steps to demonstrate various qualities, at the end of which she would be more susceptible to ideas and thoughts, at which time Mahadev would be able to provide her answers.
On the other side, with Jalandhar, the guru of the Asuras, had seen the young Jalandhar as a very powerful personality who would be able to provide a lot of help to the Asuras in their fight with the gods, and for this purpose, he acted as a friend to Jalandhar, which made Jalandhar go along with him, even ignoring the advise of Samudra Deva. As Jalandhar grew up, his anger was channeled into providing him important training which would help him become even more powerful, a weapon even ready to challenge the might of Mahadev.

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